Complete Review of Urive Albatross II MD-7500P 1080p + 720p


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Mar 21, 2014
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Hi Guys
I'm having problem with the SD Card. It keeps restarting and can't get into recording mode. It keep saying "impact during parking has been identified"...while repeated trips to the installer still can't solved this issue. They told me due to the limitation of the 64GB SD Card, I'll have to keep formatting every 2 weeks to free up space using the touch screen. They even replace the SD Card for me.

After that, in the beginning it seems ok. Then the problem re-surfaced again. Brought it back to the installer and I was told to use the computer to format, saying formatting it by FAT32. Nevertheless, the installer solved this issue using their computer.

The next day, the restarting problem came back! Can't record at all. So i took out the SD Card, download the firmware (ver 2.3) from Urive , put the SD Card into my windows PC, formatted it, now it keep restarting and says "impact during parking has been identified" and "Please check your SD Card".

Anyone out there can advise what is exactly wrong? Thanks in advance.