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Jun 22, 2014
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United States
Last week, I made a trip to Acadia National Park and recording foliage on Street Guardian Dashcam while driving. While the video of the dashcam is good as it is, the foliage colors turned out to be amazing on the video. I would like to make a short clip(s) of the videos for sharing with the family members. I wonder if there are any favorite video processing apps for cutting, joining the video files and play them faster natively.

Some of my folks are not tech-savvy to run the file faster using VLC on the Windows machine. I use Windows 10, so looking for a Windows compatible program.

I don't plan to pay for an expensive video processing program.

Any suggestions are welcome.
I found speeding up regular 30 FPS video so 1 hour of driving are 10 minutes of video watching are a okay spot, you might even go a bit faster than that.


The video was recorded with a action camera, and are then scaled up to 4K in post production as youtube tend not to ruin that as much.
But i cant help you with software, i use prosumer stuff like pinnacle studio and now powerdirector.
Shotcut is free video editing software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Like any full featured editing software there is a learning curve. But there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube. For me it would take about 2 minutes to start a new project, import the dash cam video, speed it up and export it out to some final format. And I'm by no means an expert at Shotcut or a serious video editor.

For someone brand new to Shotcut watching a few tutorials, you could probably have it done in an hour.

Here is a tutorial on how to speed up sections of video. You can see it's very quick and easy. But you'll probably need to work through a couple of introduction tutorial videos to Shotcut to get a basic feel for how the software works and how to do the basic things he's doing here like importing the clip, splitting it at the play head, etc.

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