DR400G-HD II 1.014K Firmware with GPS Problem


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Feb 14, 2013
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djs2 said:
The link works for you, but it wont work with my current setup. I'll setup a new thread for my issue so I don't confuse this one anymore. Thanks.
Change Korean Voice to English

If you are running firmware BlackVue DR400G-HD II v1.010K which has the Korean voice prompts, there is a way to change this to English voice prompts. You must be running v1.010 Korean for this to work.

You must use an SD-Card reader to perform this operation. Do not attempt to do this directly on the dash cam.
Insert the micro SD card into your PC.
Download the New_Blackvue 1.010K to all English.zip file.
Copy (drag the Blackvue folder ) on a blank SD card and FLASH in your Camera.

If the above option does not work, the following alternative option may work:

Download English voice New_Blackvue 1.010K to all English.zip.
Download English firmware for DRG400HD from Blackvue.
Replace folder Application( step 1) with same folder from English firmware for DRG400HD (step 2)
Go to folder BlackVue\Config(step 1) and open file VERSION.BIN with Windows NOTEPAD. You have to change: 1. [software] model = 400GII to 400 and 2. [config] version = 1.010 to [config] version = 1.000

The new VERSION.BIN should look like this

version = 1.010
model = 400GII
language = Korea
version = 2.010
model = 400
language = Korea
version = 1.000
model = 400GII

5. Save all changes
6. Insert SD card in to your Blackvue DRG400-HD II. I takes a few minutes to upgrade.
7. Enjoy

http://dashcamtalk.com/blackvue-dr400g- ... to_English
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