DR500GW will not record

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Mar 8, 2014
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United States
DR500GW will not record, audio switch not working, the only voice message is "insert SD card if it is not inserted, it will ping my iPad but when selected error message say's signal to weak move closer to camera, the iPad is less than two feet away? I have tried replacing SD card, no change, I have reset camera with reset button, no change. I have had this camera for about 4 years with no problems, is it time to toss it and find another camera? I do not know of any repair shops that could help me. Any advice about this camera would be greatly appreciated.


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Oct 11, 2013
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Dash Cam
10 years, many dashcams
Good news is, a new camera with the right stuff will be so much better, not least in the night time.
4 Years cooking in the sun sound like a good camera, personally i only expect 2 years and are happy what ever more than that i get.
And it can be much better for sure, i am told the 2012 Lukas dashcam i gave to my little sister are still working in her car though she sold it, but to a friends father so she once in a while borrow her old car.

I know 2 years don't sound like all that much, and i also think in general you will get more than that, at least with a fairly established brand.