Firefly 7s vs Git2 Comparison Videos


Apr 28, 2016
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Since I'm going to post some comparison videos I will put them on an own thread.

Some general remarks. Compared to Gitup Git2 I would say that the audio quality is better in Git2 which can especially capture high frequencies clearer. That said, both of them suffer from noticeable background hiss /noise and wouldn't call neither of them as "High Fidelity" audio recording devices. Overall, as it has been mentioned on many previous reviews, Firefly 7s can produce sharper image and better color reproduction, but on the other hand it seems to compress the video more, at least on 2160p mode (about 24 versus 32 Mbit/s).

These are taken without gyro and are quite shaky, sorry about that. As usual, Youtube's compression disregards a lot of the the colors and details compared to the originals if not post-processed with better compression algorithms.

The above ones are taken with gyro. Compared to Git2 which has excellent stability Firefly's gyro seems not to do much about anything else than stretching the image a bit here and there and I would call it practically useless. Also the sound quality is significantly worse compared to Git2.

Where the Firefly excels is the clarity of details / sharpness and color reproduction as mentioned before, while the Git2's color reproduction is plagued with turquoise tint almost in every lighting conditions. As you can see Firefly uses slightly more exposure on default settings while producing brighter and clearer image which on the other hand is more prone to overexposure on bright areas.

Other remarks. Git2 has 1.6b firmware and Firefly "1017_001" which came with the camera and is the same as dated as 2016-10-19 on Hawkeye's download page. Oddly the previous firmware is numbered just by its date 2016-09-28. Overall Hawkeye's tech support seems to be light years behind what Gitup can offer.
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More comparison shots.

On the above ones Git2 has new 1.6 firmware which seems to produce somewhat better color balance than 1.6b (not sure if there's been an actual change but that's how it has looked on my tests). (I'm using a half open helmet here hence the cameras are shaking a lot more than they would with a full face helmet.)

It seems that Firefly 7s is able to produce slightly more detailed video quality while compressing the video considerably more than Git2 on 2160p24 (24.9 vs 32.7 Mbit/s) and 1440p30 (28.7 vs 36.4 Mbit/s) mode. However, on 1080p60 Firefly has slightly higher bitrate (36.9 vs 36.5 Mbit/s). (Values are taken from MX Player)

One of the reasons why Firefly 7s is not able to produce as good audio quality as Git2 is the fact that it uses 32 kHz sampling rate at 96 kbit bitrate while Git2 uses 44 kHz at 112 kbit (and even better 160 kbit with external microphone which cannot be connected to Firefly as far as I know because it uses 5-pin micro USB).

I also did some more tests with the gyro:

As you can see Git2 manages to stabilise the image remarkably well whereas Firefly 7s is able to do some stabilisation when the camera is not shaking much but when there are sudden large movements the image gets stretched allover. If you want good quality footage with Firefly simply don't use gyro with it.
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