1. B

    GIT2 Wide Angle Sharpness Problem

    Hello, I recently bought an used GIT2 camera as a replacement for my old GIT1 and I sadly discovered that video quality is worse. I have made a plenty of comparisons with different settings and still not able to tell if it some physical lens or image sensor failure, software issue or it just how...
  2. toptenmaterial

    Git2- can't shoot RAW

    I bought the Git2 so that I could shoot super wide RAW stills. But I can't access RAW on the menu anymore. When I first got it, I installed the latest firmware, v1.8 something. I was able to shoot RAW for a little bit, but then the function disappeared from the menu. I've tried restoring default...
  3. J

    Git2 as a dash cam versus Blueskysea B1W

    Hello everyone, I've been reading about different dash cam models, as I am interested in buying some for my car. I would like to start with low budget cam until I come up with some money to buy something better. I was looking at the Blueskysea B1W and was pretty much ready to buy, but I was...
  4. G

    Changing configurations using config.txt wirelessly

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a device that will work underwater and capture images and videos. I can control the camera usign the "" taking snaps capturing videos downloading images etc. but i can't...
  5. nutsey

    MOD1 firmware for Git2.

    MOD1 firmware with custom bitrate values. Based on v1.6.1. Changes: Download MOD1 here. Download MOD2 here.
  6. Ferdi

    My latest comparation Git2 and others 6 cam

  7. N

    GitUp Git 3, any info?

    Hey, is there any new info about the upcoming GitUp Git 3? I remember a thread in august that GitUp responded with info of a release in like 2-3 months and a response on another site(Nov 2) that they still need up to 2 months, but no info about it. Any new info like specs or approximate price?
  8. J

    Firefly 7s vs Git2 Comparison Videos

    Since I'm going to post some comparison videos I will put them on an own thread. Some general remarks. Compared to Gitup Git2 I would say that the audio quality is better in Git2 which can especially capture high frequencies clearer. That said, both of them suffer from noticeable background...
  9. Yannick

    Git2 Gyro problems (shaky video)

    I was looking for help on Gitup forum, but haven't received support. And thanks to one of the users there (@omegamoto - respect!), I've found out about DashcamTalk board. But to the point: I've got a problem with my Gitup Git2, which looks like it is gyro related one. My videos are shaky (or...
  10. R

    Timed photo shooting with Git2?

    Hi! I'm looking for an action cam that can be set up to shoot photos every x seconds while mounted on my quadcopter. Unfortunately my EEcplorer Pro can not do this. I know some quadcopter users use the Git2... (Would be nice if Elephone could fix it in firmware, but I cant access the forum ...
  11. X

    HELP!!No longer videos with 16GB MicroSD

    My Git2 doesn't records videos of over to 1 minute, I use a SD card of 16GB, class 10. Someone else have this problem? someone found a fix? Thanks
  12. J

    Battery not charging and other problems

    Very recently I bought a Gitup Git2, right before I went on a week-long vacation, so I could capture some underwater videos and pictures. Being the tinkerer that I am, I read up quite a bit on it and noticed the issue with the battery charging when inside the Git2, which I hoped wouldn't affect...
  13. R

    Git2 - Start/Stop button - No longer working

    Hi Folks, Hope you can help. Was using my Git 2 today in waterproof case. All was working perfectly. Then the shutter start/stop recording button stoped working. I am now unable to start or stop a recording or take pics. Pressing for long or short periods does nothing Is there a fault ...
  14. C

    GitUp Git2 - Charging whilst filming

    For some reason I am unable to have the Git2 charging through the USB connection and working as a camera simultaneous! When I plug it in the screen comes up with a choice of : 1. - Mas Storage 2. - PC Camera Neither of which permit the operation of the camera. What am I missing? Surely you...
  15. SueTst

    Why is the Gitup is not as famous as Sjcam?

    Sorry for the stupid question. I do feel that Git2 dis a quite good performance but why Gitup seems to be not so famous in the marker as Sjcam does, even thought some of the function's performance of Git2 is better than sj cam such as better audio record, external mic, better white balance, gyro...
  16. ohkamanda

    Case for Git2 with space for external mic?

    Hey guys, I just got my Git2 camera for motovlogging and so far I love it! The only problem is I can't plug an external mic into the waterproof case so I need a new one. So will this case work for me? I don't want to order it and then have to send it back because it doesn't fit... If not...
  17. P

    Git2 Memory error

    Hi gyus, I am new with git2, i am so satisfied with, its great cam, but i have one problem with memory card.. Now it happens more often. If I do 3-5 photos or after a few sec of recording, the cam show an message, memory error. I can even look on recorded vids or pics... Now it wont help...
  18. nutsey

    Final V1.5 firmware.

    Change Log: 1. Added: 4:3 aspect ratio for 2880x2160P 24fps mode 2. Added: Wi-Fi mode option: AP, Station(Client) 3. Added: Support customize boot logo and power off logo 4. Added: Wi-Fi Auto-start option: On, Off 5. Added: Pause icon on screen while recording is paused 6. Added: Colorful...
  19. serge6008

    Git2 so fragile it 's dead after first drop?

    My Git2 camera is completely dead after a minor quadcopter crash. The camera does nothing (no LED lights, no display, no beeps - nothing) when I power it via USB, or a battery. I tried different batteries. I tried formatting SD card (FAT32) and uploading different version firmware / loader...
  20. A

    Is the Gitup Git2 diving case reliable?

    Hello, I'm going to dive next month. About 6/8 meters deep. Now I see a lot of posts about a leaked case. What is your diving experience with the Git2 case? Should I go for the GoPro diving case?