How to Update Blackvue Firmware Using Mac


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Mar 14, 2013
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Hey everybody!!

One of our fans over on my Blackvue Facebook Page very kindly posted up how you can update your Blackvue camera using your Mac. Did do a search but couldn't find any sort of guide so here goes:

1 - Open up Terminal (Search in Spotlight)
2 - Rename the downloaded file so it has no brackets in the name i.e. DR550GW-2CH_v1.021E.exe and put it on the desktop
3 - In terminal and use the command "cd desktop" (without the " ")
4 - Then use the command "unzip [filename.exe] -d [directory]" where (filename.exe) is the name of the file to be processed and (directory) is the name of the output folder i.e. "unzip DR550GW-2CH_v1.021E.exe -d unzipped". This will put the contents of the archive in a folder on the desktop named, unzipped
5 - Copy the contents of that folder to a formatted MicroSD card (there will be a folder named Blackvue which must be in the root directory of the MicroSD containing 6 sub folders).
6- Put the MicroSD in the Blackvue and power it up and the update process will begin
Quite technical so make sure you're confident enough with following the procedure and proceed at your own risk! We can't be held accountable if something goes wrong...


If you're a big fan and want to stay up to date with the latest Blackvue News and Info, check out the page below that I run in my spare time!

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