INNOVV K1- Moto Recording System


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Aug 20, 2017
United States
I purchased this back in November of 2016. I tore my bike apart to have a professional looking install and minimize the appearance of the cameras. After having near misses while riding I felt this was a perfect solution to help protect me while riding……

It’s now Aug, 2017 and the camera still fails to work. I have been in constant contact with INNOVV since the very beginning over issues.

- Ordered, on my own dime, their power hub assuming that would help. Nope $69.00

- Ordered Ferrite Rings. Nope $10.00

- Ordered Harley accessory kit. Nope $120+

- Many different brands of SD cards

- Countless hours of troubleshooting

I have multiple videos made and posted to my YouTube to show INNOVV the issues. Forty (40) Emails trying to resolve this. Have had phone calls with “techs” who speak very rough English to try and solve the problem. I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ASKED.

All I want is a WORKING DVR or a refund and they will not do this.

I highly suggest finding a different company to deal with as INNOVV will NOT stand by their products.
Aug 19, 2015
United States
I just ran into your post because I was looking to maybe installing this on a service van outside for the back. To me this looks like an electrical noise issue.
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