Joovuu website pricing irregularities!!!


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Oct 20, 2014
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Viewed the new Joovuu website a couple of days ago with the new price deals which I thought were quite keen, the Mobius dash cam priced at £48.33 seemed acceptable, yet when I went to order the price had risen to £58.00, and to add insult to injury, carriage and 20% VAT had been added to the final price, making a grand total of a much less competitive £61.55. I took screenshots which I have enclosed.

I double-checked the original item on the same computer after wiping the cache and was astonished to see the price displayed cheaper, so in other words, new users to the site are displayed the cheaper price until they place the item in the shopping basket and attempt to purchase.

I tried to claim the free shipping voucher which required me to submit my email address, only to receive the message that only one voucher was permitted per email address and being as I had previously ordered an item in stock, then after paying, received another email informing me the item was out-of-stock, I was unable to claim the free carriage. This despite the fact that I had cancelled the previous order.

As for displaying the price to the general public THEN adding 20% VAT to the invoice is not permitted, I think JooVuu will be having a stern visit from a HM Customs & Excise VAT Inspector in the very near future together with a hefty fine. Pleading ignorance on VAT regulations won't wash with them either. Dan you have been warned.

Thankfully the JooVuu VAT number: 178 0972 70 and Company registration Number: 08779282 seem to be valid.

Under the circumstances I didn't proceed with the order because the final prices seemed too high and many things didn't seem right what with the price mismatches on the website.

Screenshots enclosed showing pricing irregularities - delete your cookies to view the different prices.

joovuu-mobius-price-difference-2.jpg joovuu-mobius-price-difference-58-00.jpg joovuu-mobius-price-difference-48-33.jpg