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Discussion in 'Mini 2' started by David Chester, Apr 19, 2017.

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    I see that many people are having this problem now but I wondered if anyone had got any sense out of DDPai? I sent a message using their website contact form but heard nothing back in 2 weeks. I have today emailed them using an email address found on these forums.

    The problem is that the Mini2 uses far too much video compression which negates the whole point of the 1440p resolution. The image is covered in compression artefacts. In fact the native resolution of the camera chip is higher than this which may have a good deal to do with the problem. It is taking a 1550p or so image and downscaling it to 1440p which is going to create some issues. Pressing the snapshot button does produce a really nice crisp full frame native resolution still which is great. So why mess up the video?

    So I read that there is a firmware update which fixes this. I downloaded and installed
    and while this does improve the video quality somewhat, it still has compression artefacts.

    BUT the worst thing about this update is that the micro-SD card is now filled up with thousands of files in every folder on the card! It looks like these are temporary files which they are failing to delete after use. The video clip files have also been reduced to two minutes in length. Fixed as far as I can see.

    I STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT update to this version of the firmware!!

    The other irritation is that they have changed the pleasant Bing-Bong" tone on start up to a female voice saying "Hello Ding Ding Pai" which I am sure someone felt was REALLY clever, but we in Europe just find that childish, silly, stupid and actually embarrassing every time someone is in the car with you when you start it!

    Finally, unless I have completely lost my mind, the App states that it will AUTOMATICALLY download the video clips from the camera to your phone if you have the software switch set ON to do this even if the phone is not connected to the viewer window. Yet it does not do this. You have to download the clips manually which is time-consuming and fiddly. Yes I know that this will also fill up your phone pretty quickly, but DDPai have provided an on-off switch for this and what I would like to do is have the ability to turn this on so that a particular journey is automatically copied to my phone for me to review or delete from my phone later. So am I being a moron, and doing something stupid, or does this feature actually not work as advertised as I suspect?

    Thank you!


    PS: Is there any way to get back to the previous firmware or is there another firmware I can try?
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    Too many ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I believe this is only event files which are meant to be sent automatically to your phone, sending an entire journey would be too much for most devices, perhaps this wasn't explained well
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    I experienced the artifacts you describe. Only recourse that worked for me was staying with 1080P, which actually is very competitive to the 1440P picture quality. Give it a test run and so some still frames to compare the quality of the image between the two resolutions.

    My Mini2 eventually died, became unresponsive and refused to turn on. Took it apart for fun, harvested the capacitors for another project.

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