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Nov 2, 2016
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Can someone help me perhaps currently at my business I have 8 cams recording on to a Dvr would like to change cams or do what I have to to see cams on my iPhone what is the best route to take I am currently monitoring them on a 46 inch Samsung any companies that you can recommend would be great can u just get new cameras
For IP and other High res cameras Hikvision seem to be a popular brand, Dahua should also be a okay brand.

After having had 4 analog cameras myself, and my friend having those too, i cant say how happy i was to move on to 1080p cameras.
Comparing the it really is like night ( analog cameras ) and day ( high res cameras )
And judging from prices on the internet it seem like the pricces is about the same for cameras and recorders, so i see no reason to stay with the old stuff.
And if you fork over a little more you can even get 4K cameras ( 15 FPS ) pretty cheap too, i would love one of those but they are not supported by my NVR, and not forgetting as a retired person its not like i am swimming in money in spite of the Danish welfare system.

I have seen you can now get analog cameras upwards of 1200 TVL resolution, but i am almost sure your old DVR cant support cameras / resolutions like that.

My own NVR is connected to my 42" TV ( HDMI ) and a router so i can monitor footage both on my PC and allso on my tablet via wifi at night ( tablet on bedside table )
I could also forward footage out of the house so i could monitor it on the go either on smartphone or say a PC at my friends house, but as a person living in a apartment block where the door to the street and back yard are closed all the time i dont really feel the need for that.

For the most i have the gear for the 1 camera on my car, as since i moved to this town i had my car vandalized 2 times within the first year, and that never happened in the previous 3 decades living elsewhere in / near a larger town.

The other 3 cameras i have is just me being too lazy to stand up to see what go on down on the street and so on.