Nextbase 422GW issues


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Jul 6, 2019
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Hey everyone,

So I recently purchased the Nextbase 422GW, and right from the gecko I’m had issues with the first one. I am using an iPhone XS Max and so I was able to connect everything okay until it came to the updating of the camera from the Nextbase connect app, it said had to wifi connect which it did, then said downloading firmware which it did and just to clarify it showed I was connect to wifi on the cam.

Then it said uploading firmware to cam and nothing happened to the camera and my phone showed a circle that spinned twice and disappeared and then just stayed on that screen for hours thinking maybe it took a while but nothing.... so I called support then sent me steps on restarting the camera and connections to the phone which ended up doing nothing... also to add the camera came with version 9.6 and it wanted to update to the latest 16.8 I believe.

With that not working I thought I would try and update it manually through the pc which I did and it worked, but then I noticed anything to do with the wifi didn’t end up working because now I couldn’t view the videos or the live view on camera didn’t work either.. so called tech support again and they said it must just be defective to return for another cam. So i Went and exchanged for another one and now I’m getting pissed because the same thing is happening to this one can’t update it through phone and can’t do live view or watch my vids.... so exact same thing.... PLEASE HEEEEELP!!