SGZC12RC shutdown and won't start up when it's too cold (5 degrees F)


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Nov 12, 2016
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United States
This morning I came out of the car. It was about 5 degress F outside. I tried to check my event videos but I see the Street Guardian screen and then the screen goes black. I tried to turn it on multiple times. I see the blue LED flashes but the screen doesn't turn on. I'm going to check it again later when the weather warm up a bit. but I thought the operating temperature can go even lower than 5 degrees F?
Lowest storage temp. usually can be -20C. Lowest operational temp. is around -10C. ( 14F ).

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I tried to warmup the main unit to car temperature 70F and looks like it doesn't turn on now. Even the blue LED doesn't flashes. Is it dead?
I tried taking the sd card out but no difference. I bought it a couple months ago through Amazon from Pier28
Street Guardian USA is now providing warranty support for previous 2016 North America purchases so I'll send you a private message to make arrangements.
Thanks to Street Guardian, I'm getting a replacement unit through their warranty. I'll report back if I still experience this issue.