Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO+ Swap?


Dec 22, 2015
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Street Guardian SG9665GC
Have owned a SG9665GC for about 5 years or so now. Found out over the weekend it was not recording anymore though indicator lights were lit. Realize it may be the original SD card that was supplied. Haven't verified yet.

Question is, will the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO+ run off the same hard wire power line or will I need to purchase and install a new power source? (I don't use parking mode.) Had a write up years ago though the images now longer show.

Currently use a Cell Power CPUSB01 Mini USB Power Adapter. Again, will this work with a Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO+?

Thanks in advance for replies.
No the X2pro+ will need more power i think.

The camera come with its own power supply, you can use that to "hard wire" into the fuse box, all you do is snip off the 12 V plug and then expose the red & black wires, the red go to a ACC fuse of your choice, and black one is GND.
This will not enable parking mode, it is just a means to get a neater install and have your in dash power socket free for other stuff.
So i assume you can use the same places where you are currently tapped in for power.

I am a bit amazed that USB power adapter have worked, these generic power sources are often pretty bad
O do remember to keep tracks of your recordings, while it is not so important today as modern cameras will give a alarm if they are not able to record ( bad memory card ) then it is still a good idea to look over the memory card every few months, it take me 15 minutes or so looking over a full 256GB memory card. ( focusing on drive session start and stop, just play as much of those files it take me to recognize that it is in a reasonable location )
The memory card, no matter the brand / quality will always be the weak link in a good system.
If you were/are happy with the 'GC' performance I'd suggest testing the SD card to determine if that's where the problem lies before doing anything else. If the card is bad and replacing it restores functionality you're 'good to go' with the least effort on your part.

As a side note I bought 2 of the original V1 GCs over 6 1/2 years ago and both are still in daily use. Don't know if that's typical but makes me think that checking your card would be a logical first thing to do.
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I do (y) anyone that keep old stuff running, and not just cars.
If my little red car did not slowly rust away, and the price of gasoline here did not change from the current outrageous price to probably down right insane in some years, then i see no reason to get a new car.
Send a private message or email if interested in a discount to upgrade
The SGGCX2PRO+ requires the SGX2HW 3-wire hardwire kit for parking mode.
You'll want to use the included 2-wire cig adapter if you wanted to switch accessory on-off with the engine.
You can hardwire that as well but won't get parking mode.
Yeah there is the return customer discount too, probably not a whole lot, but i would take it if i could.
I have not seen any of the other brands do that kind of offer, so pretty nice and for me personally attractive in any brand.

Okay Apple now buy back your old phone, as that will keep more people locked in with them, but they in turn offer more substantial return customers as i understand it.
And pretty much have to at least with the price of their high end phones.
Thanks for the replies guys. Tried to reformat the card. Went through the process but still not recording though lights indicate it is. Have a new Micro SD card on order and will give that a try.

If that fails, looks like I will be getting a new Cam. On a side note, I do check the card from time to time to make sure it is recording. Just so happened, I wanted a file from last weekend and it stopped recording about 5 weeks ago.
hehe yeah you cant really keep up on a daily basis, a gander now and then should suffice and then a prayer that when you really need it, the camera will also be there for you.
Good thing new cameras will sound a alert, old ones would just sit there and look as if they was doing their job.
Same if you had the card out and forget it in the house, upon boot the camera should indicate there are no card present, some newer even say it in English " please insert memory card"
I often forget the card in my 2 floor apartment, and even if i have several other cameras i feel naked, so i keep a couple of spare memory cards in the car too, also nice to have if you had a experience you really do not want to miss, then you can just swap in another memory card to be sure.
And really memory card prices are okay these days, 256GB costing less than what i paid for good U3 cards in just 64GB size not that many years ago.
And even better the endurance cards that actually have warranty when used in dashcams are also at decent price points, those was obscene expensive not that long ago.
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Update: Back in business. Replaced the memory card today with a SanDisk 64GB High Endurance Video MicroSDHC Card. Threw it in the camera. Formatted. Recording video again.

Planning on upgrading at some point and when I do, it will be a Street Guardian product.

Thank you again for the comments and support.