The G90 mount is rubbish - what alternatives have we got?


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Mar 10, 2015
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United Kingdom
The supplied mount is utter garbage, if you try to take it apart to increase the pull on the rubber suction cup, the wiring comes apart. Had to resolder all the internal wiring.
The only way I found to attach it to my windscreen is using 3M dual lock tape, it is like Velcro but 100 times stronger, a few small pieces on the rubber suction pad and a few on the windscreen allows a strong but detachable fixing.Make sure you clean the surfaces with detergent first and then glass cleaner second to remove all grease.Apply pressure to the strips to ensure a strong bond,even consider heating the surfaces with a hair drier, especially in winter to improve the adhesive process,nothing else worked,especially if like me,to comply with the law, you have to mount it behind the rear view mirror where there is an anti glare strip that has an uneven dimpled surface which is impossible to attach the mount to.The adhesive used in this tape is suitable for high temperatures(there are many versions of dual lock tape and different adhesives)making it less likely to drop off in the summer when it can get very hot inside the car.
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