Truck dash and rear window cam. Long periods between driving.


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Jan 27, 2017
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I am looking to get a good dash and rear cam installed on my truck.

Some of the things I need to be concerned about are as followed.

-Sliding rear window.
-Typically away for 2+ weeks at a time.(battery going dead if under drain from camera running)
-cold weather extreme (-40 or so at worst)
- Thieves
- Hit while parked activate.
-price range prefer to stay under $1000 total before installation.
-WiFi/send info an asset, but not needed.
-GPS a plus
- video clarity good in night/low light environment.


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Oct 11, 2013
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Welcome to the forum Koldweather.

What you are asking for is problematic for a number of reasons.

Parking guard in 2 weeks are a tall order, you will have to use G-sensor triggered only as motion detect over that period will most likely fill up the memory card.
And you will need a charge splitter like camper people do to make sure their extra batteries in the camper is split from the car battery so it cant be discharged but only the extra batteries.
And you will need extra batteries too, how many i dont know for sure, but a lot is my guess.
Also if you part outside up there in Canada, show and ice will block the windows and the camera from recording anything.

If your car are parked at home in a drive way or along a curb, you will be better off having a CCTV camera on your house aimed at the car, this way you can also have a huge harddrive in the DVR/NVR in your house to store months worth of footage at a time.

If you choose that route i would recommend a good 1080p or maybe even a 4K camera with build in IR light, and one made for outdoor use with a build in heater and maybe a wiper to keep lens clear ( may do without depending on camera location and prevailing wind directions )

Myself i have a 1080p IP camera ( Pan - Tilt - Zoom ) on my car where it is parked at home behind apartment block.

This is captured in pitch dark a day a meteor passed over Denmark.
I am normally zoomed in a little more on my car.