Updated UK Thinkware Discount Code (02/06/2017)

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When you add F50 in basket it always adds shipping - even though shipping is free over £55 (according to terms) anyone else have this issue?

Hey @Maddog1974, bottom page - terms and conditions, sounds like you found it as its says £79 now!

Was after F50 hardwire with GPS, but now the code TF50H is no longer valid?

I know you've opened a can of worms now lol! Boss didn't know the codes were still valid so asked for them to be turned off and the delivery FOC £79 upwards so any full camera bought will be free. I'm just discussing now to see if we can do something for you but it will have to be over the phone.
Oops :eek:

I will go hang my head in shame... :(

(PM me if you can do anything, but no discount means not so great against Amazon/A119/£81)
Hi Maddog1974,

I need a replacement mount pad (3m VHB pad) for the F770 mount. Looking at your site it costs £4.99, no issues with this. But the postage of this small item costs £5.99 (ouch!)

Surely, the postage can't be any more than a £1.00 / £1.50 to post such a small lightweight item anywhere in the UK. This should easily fit in a small standard sized envelope too. Any chance of a discount on postage of this item please?

The postage cost at its current rate would make me consider swinging by and picking it up myself from Colchester!
Yeah we no longer use any Royal mail service on the website due to fraud issues and lack of tracability. I have sent you a Message @DashcamUser1
Hi Maddog1974,

Any new discount code for f770 front and rear ??
Hi Maddog1974, I am trying to buy two units of Thinkware X550 dual dash cams with hardwire as gifts for my parents (one set on each car). I also want to include two cigarette lighter cables just in case. Is there a discount code that I could use? Would love to save some particularly seeing some online retailers are selling them at a rather good discount :)

I have also messaged on Chameleon online form on your website :).
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Hey @Maddog1974 - is there any discount codes still going on for the F770? I've tried 'THINKF770' but it doesn't work.

A code that knocks off about 12% from our website is TWCV2017 this should work with all models / combinations.

Hi Maddog1974,

Do you know when you're likely to get 64 and 126 GB thinkware sd cards in. i am about to make a purchase for the f800 from your site using the code here but wanted to potentially add a 64 or 128 to the order first.

thanks in advance

We have just 5 64gb memory cards in stock however another delivery is due any day now. As for the 128gb card i'm afraid we still don't have an accurate ETA for those. We guess towards the end of November......
Sorry @delair i don't have an active code at present we had to disable it for Black Friday, we are waiting for an answer from our commanders to see if we can re-activate it but they are so busy at the moment they haven't got to it! (Unlikely for at least another week)
@Maddog1974 aaah ok. will try and hold off for a short while :), was hoping to buy 2 sets of these...
I'm told this TWCV2017 code is active again @delair about 12% off as before. I haven't tested it though!
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