vanishing files, skipping video, card support


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Apr 24, 2018
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So the risk I took getting another blackvue came with problems I was hoping to not have. anyone else having issues such as:

videos skip, some sections of the video slow down, then speed up, or just freeze?

i tried my new transcend 64gb sdxc, i formatted it in fat32 with smartdisk fat32 tool (although i problem should have first tried the format from the camera) and most of the videos seemed fine. only one file before an event seemed to slow down then speed up... but then suddenly it said it cant find the file I am trying to play, crashes windows explorer. reopen the folder, and the last 6 hours of files were gone.... they just deleted themselves.

so anyways, i guess my question is, should my 64gb cards be in fat32 or exfat?

i dont think i have had issues with 32gb cards in it.


i put a 64gb sandisk sdxc formatted in fat32 in my 550 with guiformat and so far all the files seem fine. so maybe ill try formatting the transcend with guiformat, and also formatting it with the camera. the reason i didnt try formatting with the camera is the sandisk had the same skipping issues.

if neither of those work, might have to send the camera back...


oh my ****ing god... i am convinced it is windows that is ****ing something up. again, now this time with my 550, as i was going through random files, it suddenly said it cannot find the file. go up a folder then back into the record folder, and just like my 650 memory card the last 6 hours vanished.... all those files just disappeared. i feel like this has to be some issue with windows and these 64gb cards being formatted in fat32.