Vico Power Plus: Doesn't Seem to Shut Off Dash Cam when Voltage Drops Below Setting

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Oct 10, 2018
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It seems to me that my Vico Power Plus is not doing specifically what I bought it for: it is not shutting power off to the dash cam (Viofo A119 V2) when the battery voltage drops below 12V. I have read the user manual several times and understand that the voltage needs to be below the shut off voltage for more than 30 seconds. However, several times at the end of the work day when I go out to my truck and parking mode has been on all day, when I check the voltage on the Vico Power plus it is below the 12V cutoff setting and there is no sign that the power has been cut off to the dash cam. I have also checked the camera itself to see if it continued recording in parking mode and it has. Everything is wired properly and I use the bypass switch when I am home, which effectively cuts the power off. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions? Do I have a faulty unit?
The timer as per my experience is inaccurate but never had any problems with the voltage cut-offs. Lower voltage being displayed could be from the cabin lights and possibly other circuits powering up on opening the door.
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Thanks for the feedback, Harsh. I'll wait the next time when the voltage is showing below 12V before starting to see if it will shut off after 30 seconds.
Thanks for the help. I went out today and set the voltage cutoff to 12.4 when I saw the Power Plus was reading 12/11.9. After 30 seconds it read LoVT and shut off power. Everything seems to be in working order.