Video Guide - Flashing International Firmware on a Chinese Yi Dash Cam


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Aug 10, 2015
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Just finished the video and it's 2am. I'm going to sleep. Hopefully I got everything right. I won't be replying until late tomorrow. Closed captions done tomorrow as well.

Thanks again to @scoup (scorup) for posting the first set of instructions.

Download BIN file here


1. Get a Desktop/Laptop, SD Card Reader, microSD Card and a minimum 1amp microUSB charger ready

2. Copy the serial number from the menu/label on the bottom of the camera. Take only the first 14 characters.

3. Write the serial number into a word processor and change the letters “CN” into “US”

4. Save as “SN.txt”

5. Create a blank file and name it “engmode”, no file extension.

6. Copy both files onto your SD card.

7. Insert the SD card back into the camera and power it on using your USB charger.

8. Once you see the engineering menu, scroll down until you see number 8 - Exit. Select it.

9. Go into the regular settings menu and select factory reset. If it doesn't reboot try turning off the camera manually. If it fails press the "reset" button the side of the camera next to the microUSB port.

10. Once it reboots, exit ENG mode again and enter the settings menu and check if your serial number shows “US”

11. If good, power off your card and insert it back into your reader. Format it.

12. Download the “FWCARC10.bin” file from XiaoYi’s page:

Alternatively you can download it from my Google Drive folder:

13. Add the .zip file extension by renaming by file.

14. Unzip this file using your favourite program (7-Zip, WinRAR, Windows).

14. Add the .bin extension to the 10MB file you extracted.

15. Copy this file to your SD Card.

16. Insert this card back into your card and power it on again using the power cable.

17. Your camera should start updating your camera, once finished, accept all prompts.

18. Format your card and you are finished!
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Good job :) and many thanks for credit me :)
No problems! Thank you for first producing the firmware hack that allows me to make this video. You definitely deserve the credit.
The Hero is back!! I spent 1 hour trying to do this now the video is so much faster. Like and subscribing!!

I have problems with unpacking “FWCARC10.bin”.
I tried use 7zip and PowerISO and always got the same message. " file unsupported or damaged"
Can anyone send me unpacked firmware file ?

Thanks in advance
Is xiaoyi making it harder to unpack US firmware? I sense a disturbance in the force
The latest .bin file online had this issue when i looked a few days ago.
New firmware is available : V-1.01.005-US

I haven't yet mine to confirm it works with Chinese version
Can anyone send me an older version without unpacking problems ?
I tried, all ok till the fwcarc10.bin, after flash it still show Chinese.. Like normal.. Firmware become 0.07.024
Thanks a lot !
It worked :)
I think that will be good idea to pin the thread on main site. I'am not the only one who has similiar problems with unpacking firmware.

they are the same series number. So you dont need to copy exactly series number you see in housing. Just copy random series number you know. It doesnt matter.
Thancam, you bought 3 Yi dashcams? That is dedication, a very loyal customer!
Thancam, you bought 3 Yi dashcams? That is dedication, a very loyal customer!
I am reseller. I bought 5. And I think I will sell it all. Not keep anyone. ;)