XIMODE 2.1 - Video & photo modes for Xiaomi Yi [Auto/Normal/Night/Yitune/SupYiView/...]


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May 1, 2016
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XIMODE 2.1 - Video&photo modes BUNDLE for Xiaomi Yi Action Cam

VERSION: 2.0.2.
BITRATE: 35Mbps (all HQ formats) - please use Custom 35Mbit Firmware by Fried
LAST UPDATED: 31.05.2016


  1. Copy & paste the file: "XIMODE_X.X.X.zip" on your SD-Card or to the directory of the connected
    Xiaomi Yi (with USB).
  2. Extract the file with Winrar: http://www.rarlab.com/ or 7-ZIP: http://www.7-zip.org/

Android: Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobiletelnet.feng.gao&hl=en
And Install.
iPhone: Download https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/telnet-lite/id286893976?mt=8
And Install.
Windows: Download http://www.putty.org/
And Install.
Mac: Download http://zoc-terminal-ssh-and-telnet-client.en.softonic.com/mac
And Install.


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XIMODE video modes comparison ------ -- -- -- ------------------------- Tutorial on how to use XIMODE:
Yitune Video ------ -- -- -- ------------------------------------------------------ Tutorial to convert RAW to DNG

Scripting tutorial/ Changing Ximode modes

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Please let me know how i could improve the scripts.

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• What is Ximode?
Ximode is a tool, that add's the missing modes for the Xiaomi Yi, as the auto, normal, night, and other preset modes to enhance your recording and shooting moments.
Ximode can be used without the official Xiaomi app, and the modes are choosed by pressing at start the front button only once, twice, three times etc. or by using a telnet app.
Ximode does not interfere with the original app.

• Why Ximode?
Ximode is a script which has only to be placed on your SD-Card, and you're good to go for your next shootings and recording without any additional scriptings. It's main target was to create a script which the user can use directly without further scripting knowledge and recieve all necessery modes to feel the "action-cam" magic.

• Why Ximode was created?
When i first recieved the Xiaomi Yi, i got the feeling that the developpers were lazy and set the cam to auto mode, so the user simply records his video and pictures. However that's in my opinion not how you deliver a camera to a customer. I've been working for over 8 years with LQ and HQ cameras, am using Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects for postproductions and Paint.net, Gimp and Photoshop to edit pictures.
Due my experience and the lack of modes for the Xiaomi Yi, i created out of several excellent scripts this complete package, which can be used fresh out of the box.

  • If somebody knows how to create .apk and connect the Xiaomi Yi via realtime to it, please hit me up. (I know some russian guy here is on it, however there are no updates from him)
  • What should be added next?


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  • 2.1.1 - Added a second download for English SN numbers (to have english langauge inside app) and fixed uninstaller.bat

  • 2.1.0 - Improved Yitune, Normal, Auto and night scripts. Removed still RAW command from Auto mode. Created an installation for XIMODE where all files are placed on Xiaomi Yi (100% correct ways - yes i got asked on how to install XIMODE...) (Only for Windows user)
    Moved the whole project to my website. By this download will always be ensured.

  • 2.0.2. - Not launching scripts bug fix from previous version! (2.0.1.)

  • 2.0.1. - Minor script updates and bug fixes. Added "No split 4GB" for previous versions too. (1.2.13 / 1.2.12 / 1.2.6)
  • 2.0.0 - Added XYC Configurator to XIMODE. Now it's possible to change scripts on the run with only a mobile phone (Telnet needed), or with the buttons.
    Fusioned the latest XYC Configurator Version with the latest XIMODE (previous one 1.0.2.).
    Updated the delete THM files, now all THM files in all Media folders
    (100MEDIA,101MEDIA,...135MEDIA,...) will be deleted.
    Added more scene modes:
    #auto[1] / mode-off[2] / night[10] / landscape[13] / portrait[14] / scene_sunset[15] / #sand_snow[16] / underwater[19] / day_lightning[27] / through_glass[34] / car_DV[38]
  • 1.0.2. - Edited scripts. BIG update on the Night script. (Fixed ISO for videos &more - better look)
    Added one more custom script. (called custom2)
    Added FTP enable line - can connect now via wifi to ftp server! (FTP adress: )
    Bugs fix.
  • 1.0.1. - Edited scripts. Added nightlapse and custom. Auto-mode is now the first mode. All other modes have been placed one level up. Overall update for better GUI, understanding and description.
    Updated 4GB script. (Working now with 1.2.13)
  • 1.0. - First release.
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Thanks for the great work.
I tried the night setting but it has to be too dark otherwise the video is blown. I tried it after sunset and the image was almost white.
Yeah, that is why it's called night mode ;)
If somebody can find a way to limit ISO, i would manage to solve the too dark thing.
Loving this, one thing I would like is to remove the RAW feature, don't use it.

I think I just need to remove the following entries:

#enable raw+jpeg stills
t app test debug_dump 14


#enable raw+jpeg stills
t app test debug_dump 14
sleep 8

Not sure if I should keep or remove that "sleep 8" part?

Also I am assuming I won't need the "RAW_to_DNG_converter" folder on the SD Card either?

Keep up the great work! This is by far the best my cam has performed so far!

Just need to have another attempt and focusing my lens and I will be all set :)
Yes, you sure can do that if you're not in the need of it ;)

And about the Converter, yes ;)

Thanks :)
No problem ;)

- Will make a complete video about the looks of each mode + compared to a HQ camera (Nikon D5200) so you got a feeling how it looks with the current situation (bad weather/ bad light etc. - so you won't think it's only the camera's fault :p )
- Will add ftp line, so scripts can be acessed with ftp app (ES Explorer for example - so you can edit everything on the go)
- Anything else? Let me know :)
Many thanks dude... the video quality for "normal" type seems to be great on my 1st test.. Just one doubt that I haven't see over here, can I use the APP with this mod? I mean, in order to change video rotation for example?
Sure. All settings are usable with the original app.
However when using a 3rd party apps, you need to reinstall XIMODE after usage.
Version 1.0.2 has been released.
Edited scripts. BIG update on the Night script. (Fixed ISO for videos &more - better look)
Added one more custom script. (called custom2)
Added FTP enable line - can connect now via wifi to ftp server! (FTP adress: )
Bugs fix.
Great idea and job man! Unfortunatelly changing modes on my z23l doesn't work :-( After keeping shutter button pressed on boot, upper led goes blinking as described but pressing shutter button have no effect in hit confirmation on wifi led. Autoexec.ash is not chaning on root as it should do (i suppose).
Look at my video.... It's the shutter button which needs to be kept pressing. The Power button is the one to press for choosing modes.
Oh, my... You have right ;-) I acted like a total jerk. Sorry for the trouble :)
Oh, my... You have right ;-) I acted like a total jerk. Sorry for the trouble :)
No problem ;)

GOOD NEWS, XIMODE 2.0 will be released soon.

What is XYC?
XYC lets you change settings within the Xiaomi Yi, without changing the inside code of autoexec.ash .
So no USB cable or SD card into PC is needed to edit the autoexec.ash .
More about XYC: http://www.tawbaware.com/xiaomiyi.htm
lu_util exec rm /tmp/fuse_d/DCIM/100MEDIA/*_thm.mp4

On my Yi I've "/DCIM/136MEDIA/" folder.
Wow, never deleted any files....?
But if you got a Media folder called 132Media, simply change that line.
So, for you:
lu_util exec rm /tmp/fuse_d/DCIM/136MEDIA/*_thm.mp4
Hmmm... Is it possible to use some kind of wildcard in folder name or to execute some script to find and use real folder name eg. " ls /tmp/fuse_d/DCIM/ | grep -E '*MEDIA' " -> script variable. Script will be still universal :)
Hm... I think that would be:

rm /tmp/fuse_d/DCIM/*MEDIA/*_thm.mp4

Can you try and let me know if it worked? ;)