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    Another crash capture by me

    Its weird not seeing them both stop in the middle of the road, get out to inspect damage while dodging speeding cars like in the states :unsure:
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    Almost backed into a Mercedes at the mall

    Person backing up always is at fault.
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    Covid Lockdown over, so the tourists are back!

    Thieves are doing what they do best around here again now that tourist are back. Just ordered myself one of these underseat vaults.
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    Apple AirTags.

    I bought a 4 pack for keys and sunglass case. It also got me back into the 3D printing hobby. Bought myself a new one to replace the one I gave away a few years ago. Didn't want to pay $10 for a keychain so spend $250. Yeah that makes sense :ROFLMAO:
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    Wood board through windshield

    They did find the truck driver. The wood missed the two people by landing between them.
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    Driver robbed of pro camera equiptment. Drone & DSLR for real estate photos SAN FRANCISCO - A Bay Area real estate photographer had around $7,000 in camera equipment stolen from his vehicle while he was driving Friday evening in San Francisco. The victim, Ben...
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    Speedy pregnant driver flies off bridge hits train

    Pregnant driver flies off the bridge and hits train. Video cuts off before flight. 4¼ victims ages, -6 months to 22.
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    Just can not catch a break 2.0

    I need to start finding grocery stores that use google or apple pay. I use Apple but do have a spare android phone. No more germs with handling cash or atm buttons.
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus Thread

    Oh man, is that really what Tesla was talking about? Those are CPAP machine for people with Sleep Apnea :ROFLMAO: I have that Resmed S9 machine with all those same parts myself. I think it would help people who can't breathe on their own as this will have enough pressure.
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    Caring for your car in lockdown

    They suggest putting the car on jack stands to reduce tire flat spots. The only problem is that the suspension system doesn't like to be hanging for prolonged periods of time. Best to put the jack stands under the suspension rather than frame or jack points.
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus Thread

    I was looking into those attachments. Can plumb under the sink instead to get warm water. Then I start to think and turns out I already have a portable bidet. My camping shower. Can also be filled with warm water :unsure: