1. sz00gun

    High frequrency noise during recording videos

    I have the mini 0805 for 4 years now. During recording videos there is a high frequency loud noise. It happens on latest and previous firmwares. Any ideas. Sample videos: https://vimeo.com/user132441036/review/506498318/b32626db54 or https://www.dropbox.com/s/awu05v9jm4vh7dj/AMBA0020.MOV?dl=0...
  2. P

    Firmware for 0805 Original? [Non-Mini]

    Hello, Does anyone know if there was any firmware releases for the Monkon Original 0805 Dash Camera with the Ambarella A7 Chip? I have never been able to find any myself, the dash cam is still using 2013 firmware (FW 20170213 v1.0) that it was originally shipped with.
  3. M

    GPS Player

    I have found my Player is no longer responding, I download the files to computer or access them straight through the player plugged into the computer, everything used to work fine either way but now all I get is a false error for QuickTime Player, This in itself is a crappy player and you would...
  4. H


    Hello everyone, I bought mini 0805 with gps from gearbest (link from 0805 dashcam review) for 57.99 it was flash sale (still continues ) but wonder if it could be fake not real or 0803 I heard about gearbest not good things Did anyone get mini 0805 from GB? Your replies is highly appreciated
  5. kotysoft

    Mini 0805 vs Mini 0903 (NanoQ)

    Hi everyone, I just made a side-by-side comparison test video. Please read video description. Both RAW links also in YouTube description. RAW Nanoq: DOWNLOAD RAW 0805: DOWNLOAD RAW Nanoq: DOWNLOAD RAW 0805: DOWNLOAD More videos coming soon
  6. A

    Mini 0805 Glitch?

    I have a Mini 0805 hooked up in the rear windshield. Three times in the past week, I've been driving and I casually look in my rearview mirror and see that the unit has turned itself off. I park underground and usually have the A/C running so I doubt it's a heat issue. Anyone else experience...
  7. F

    Mini 0806 is bricked - is the 0805 any better?

    Hi folks. I posted the thread below on the 0806 forums initially and haven't really had any useful comments about how the 0805 compares, so would be interested if any of you could provide feedback. https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/mini-0806-bricked-is-the-0805-any-better.18691/
  8. D

    Thinking of buying a mini 0805

    Looks like a grand dashcam. I had a panorama s2 before this one but it has unfortunately broken and I now need a new one. The mini 0805 is cheaper and more discreet while having similar quality to my old panorama s2. Could anyone recommend this dashcam before I buy it? Also Foxoffer1 on ebay...
  9. Huib

    Ambarella Mini 0803 in a city service bus in the Netherlands

    Chaps, I purchased a Mini0805 but got a Mini0803. Till now this device works. I use it sometimes in a city service bus. Normally it rewrites the files and only when there is "something to see" I keep the files. Wih this footage I made a compilation and put this in YouTube: It is not the...
  10. B

    Newbie! Please help me Setup

    I'm about to receive my mini 0805! I am a complete newbie to dashcams. I have a few questions, after having read a number of threads here. If you guys can help that would be great. 1- Can it be hardwired to the car? I believe the answer is no, according to the seller, but maybe it's not...
  11. B

    0205 menu option setting display rotation? Where?

    Hi All, first time posting. I recently have started toying with firmware for my 0805 to see if I could get the menu option to rotate the display as the pdf for the 0805 clearly states "2.5.23 Setting Display Rotation". I have loaded multiple firmware versions found here and there and no luck...