1. L

    [Hardwire Kit] Cam only turning on with ACC and Battery having power

    Hey, I'm installing this dashcam for my dad and several unfortunate circumstances led me to be working for well over 15 hours and yeah - it's still not working. My current problem involves the hardwire kit. The cam works and turns on, but only if the ACC and the Battery both get a current at...
  2. Ferginator

    Can you use Fuse taps on empty slot fuse?

    Hello, I have found an empty ACC and BAT slot for the fuses to go into and I have spare 10A laying around so I was wondering is I can use fuse taps or if I cant do that? And if so, does it still need a 10A for the original front slot on a fuse tap and 3A external even if the slot was empty to...