1. L

    HELP! HIT AND RUN! Can almost make out the plate!!!

    Hey everyone, ive got some footage for yall to take a look at. Today i was just about to go into work when a car 2 lanes over to my left decided last minute to cut off everyone and not see me and hit my left rear end. Ive slowed down frame by frame, zoomed in, used adobe premiere pro. Ive tried...
  2. Blink Blink

    CLOSE CALL! Motorcycle nearly crashed into car (Front & Rear Dashcam)

    I saw the motorcycle rider in my rearview mirror and noticed the white car in front of me moving over to the right (there was no way the car in front of me could have seen the bike from that distance). I quickly moved to my left a little and gave a sharp blast of my horn as I flashed my...
  3. Mr_roadside616

    Roll over crash caught on rear camera

    So caught this video the other week on my Transcend DrivePro 520. there is language at the end so it might be NSFW. I did go and check on the driver and i have a feeling he may have been ejected from the vehicle cause he was already half way up the hill when i got to him and his windows were...
  4. A

    A119 File Deleted instead of Locked?

    Hi guys, I have an A119 from Spytek. I witnessed something that I wanted to keep. Pressed the ! button and instead of locking / saving the file, camera just deleted it. Filenames remaining on the 32Gb card have sequence ...558.mp4, ...559.mp4, ...560.mp4, ...562.mp4, and the 561 file that wanted...
  5. Borg

    Parking lot accident

    Caught an accident at noon today (no sound). Two dummies not paying attention. From what I saw, the van didn't bother to stop when he should have and the brown car should have seen it coming. I called the cops and they said that they don't get involved in parking lot accidents on private...
  6. Chris Hunt

    The Invisible Bike.

    Keep an eye on the red hatch on the SECOND roundabout entrance. The rider of the BMW did nothing wrong but did not get off so easy.
  7. Mozzie

    Red light runner and more

    This new driver (provisional license) needs to pay more attention. He swerved into a right turn lane then changed his mind. He forgot there was a red light in front of him. Then almost reversed into me (the dash cam doesn't show how close he got).
  8. R

    Dashcam funny fails

    I bought a dashcam on eliexpress it was 50$ in special It has a good image and sound even recorded a truck missing his turn and hit light pole
  9. G

    30 Minute Full Car Crash Compilation

  10. G

    Car accident caught on dashcam

  11. G

    Russian driver caught on dashcam ,stupid drving

  12. DeadlyDriversTV

    New dash-cam TV show needs your clips!

    Hi all! THE WORLD’S DEADLIEST DRIVERS – NEW TV SHOW NEEDS YOUR CLIPS! This exciting new series sees dash-cam, head-cam and smart phone footage from across the globe used to expose the hilarious, outrageous and hazardous escapades of The World’s Deadliest Drivers. Dash-cams are now regularly...