1. B

    Formatting my Blackvue SD card

    Hello wondering if anyone can help? I am trying to format my sd card for my Blackvue camera but am lacking a computer! Am I able to format via my android phone or will I have to go on the hunt for a computer? Thankyou
  2. M

    Thinkware U1000 cannot pair using thinkware cloud

    Hello, I am having connectivity issues with my recently purchased Thinkware U1000 front and rear dash camera with an iVolt mini to power it purchased from Thinkware Canada on When attempting to pair the camera using the Thinkware Cloud app on my Samsung Note 9 I can get through...
  3. M

    Dash cam controlled from Android radio

    Hello, I'm planning to purchase an Android radio and a Dash cam. I learned that the radio is able to act as a "brain" for dash cam if appropriate camera is attached to it via USB. I noticed that those cameras do not have a display e.g...
  4. Ackis

    A129 WiFi not working with Google Pixel 2

    Hey everyone - I've been having trouble with the WiFi on my A129 since I hooked it up. Every time I connect to it with my Pixel 2 (or my wife's, or even using my older Nexus) it stays connected for about 2-3 seconds and then disconnects. And then retries. This only happens when the WiFi is...
  5. G

    Critical bug on android app (Samsung s8+)

    Hello all. I need to inform that app on samsung galaxy s8+ has critical problem. When camera in recording mode and i try to switch app on landscape mode, application and entire phone Locks. Only whay to heandle it to hard restart. Several times this happens also when i try to go photo gallery...
  6. NextBase Support

    New Range

    Since your feedback has already changed so many things for all users: High and Low resolution option to remove from addition to 412GW and 512GW. No logo firmware for every model. Editing on the App. And lots more :) Looking at a completely new range for the coming year, is there anything...
  7. Paul Iddon

    Blueskysea B1W Budget 1080p Wi-Fi Dashcam Review

    The camera arrived in a tidy but plain brown box - and contained the following: The dashcam, 1 adhesive 3M mount (with 2 spare sticky pads), a power cable for your cigarette lighter socket, a micro USB cable, a small cleaning cloth and the manual. There is no memory card supplied. The dashcam...
  8. Viking

    WR1 Android Screen layout

    Viofo has offer me this sample of WR1 for test / reviews. Thanks Viofo. I have a chance to play a little with wr1 after I got. My impression of the quality of the camera, its study and have a good feel when you hold in you hand. It looks nice and elegant. In the short time I have had it (24...
  9. Questions

    Using an OTG cable with Mobius

    I purchased an OTG cable from Novotm, but I'm not figuring out how to use it with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5). Any help and instruction will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  10. P

    Capturing live stream from an android app

    I am developing an Android application that aim to capture the live stream of a wide angle dash camera. I am looking for a dash cam (with good optical specs, especially with wide angle) that streams the video via USB or Wifi, not just to their own app but via some type of documented/standard...
  11. germany

    What Android app can edit Mobius mov files?

    After I put my Mobius microSD card in my phone (Sony Xperia z) I'm able to watch, rename and delete videos. Then I wanted to trim those video clips and tried a few editing apps from google play store but all of a sudden not a single one was working. Most of those apps just broke down while...
  12. I

    New mobile app for git2

    while we still waiting for official git2 app there is another free one available for ios and Android phones. Must say for now better than last two known apps. App is called ZSANYCAM. I don't like design and app have bug with photo shoot with sequence mode. But other two old apps have same...
  13. S

    Xiaomi Yi Live preview video recording is choppy/Laggy

    Hi, My xiaomi Yi 1080p 60fps, 720p 60fps live preview video recording is streaming Choppy/laggy in my Samsung S3 mobile and moreover higher fps recording are not showing preview at all, but the playback in my PC's Windows media player is fine. Is this a common problem? I realised this after...