1. jfsoto1988

    Only in San Bernardino.

    This intersection (which is also a freeway ramp) is notorious for accidents due to drivers ignoring the No Turn on Red sign, not watching downhill speed, not using signals when turning, & not paying attention to Thru Traffic. Of course, CALTRANS is also to blame for only installing the turn lane...
  2. jfsoto1988

    My SpyTec G1W-C Sample Footage.

    It took me a long time thanks to my crappy internet. Who knew MOV video files can be so big. Here is sample footage of my SpyTec G1W-C dash camera on my Suzuki sedan. Instead of a suction cup mount, I have an adhesive mount. You could see how the camera reacts to light changes during sunset.
  3. jfsoto1988

    Quite a scare yesterday.

    I know it can be difficult to drive during the early morning & late afternoon hours because of the sun being directly in the field of view, but still.
  4. hanstj

    Scenic SoCal: Antelope Valley Freeway and Soledad Canyon

    This is yet another ride through one of Southern California's mountain passes. Enjoy!
  5. jfsoto1988

    Opposite Day

    Watch at 0:13, the Ford Expedition is using the left signal to make a lane change to the right lane. It almost crashed into the sedan in front of me. The good thing is that the rain stopped, but that still would of been bad with the wet pavement. I installed a Thinkware F50 on my 2006 Nissan...
  6. RudeMcNasty

    I definitely could use some help.

    I purchased LK-7900g Ara + 128SDXC memory card when I went to their website looking for Lucas view for Mac (El Capitan) it shows two different versions "Type" B and D which is the correct version for me? Same problem for software updates for the DVR. That problem is minor compared to the memory...

    Hello DASHCAMTALK. GRDIAN introduction.

    Hello DASHCAMTALK community! We'd like to thank the DASHCAMTALK community for setting up such a wonderful resource page to engage in. Also, we would like to introduce ourselves as the new kids on the block. Our company GRDIAN is located in Pasadena, California and we share the same enthusiasm...