1. Dashlapse

    Be creative with the Eken H9r

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some input. I've got an Eken h9r, G1W dashcam, an iPhone and a Xiaomi Yi. I make cloudlapse videos with them and I'm looking for creative ideas to keep them interesting. All input is welcome. Watch 1 of my videos here; Dave
  2. RapidFireXVI

    Hello, RapidFireXVI here.

    Hello, I'm relatively new to the dashcam scene. I got my first one last year after getting into a car accident. It wasn't my fault, but I wanted to still have the extra protection of having a dash camera. I've been through so many trying to get a decent one at a decent price. They can be seen...
  3. sinaloaeshop

    Cobra CDR 840 firmware for fix

    Hello my Cobra firmware records corrupted video files. Only first file works and audio is audible. I think I can fix it with a firmware update or replacement. Can someone tell me wich firmware I can install on it?
  4. supermadalin

    International Edition vs. CN Version

    Hello, I'm interested in buying the international version of Xiaomi Yi Car WiFi (found it on geekbuying) but first I want to know if there are any differences in filming quality. I that CN version shooting very well, but on youtube there are no videos with international edition. Can I expect to...
  5. sinaloaeshop

    Is there a CPL or POLARIZED filter for the DAB205

    I have seen videos and it looks like it helps a lo to have filter. Can someone confirm if it helps and know if there is someone who sells it for the DAB205
  6. sinaloaeshop

    Broke my dash cam A12 DAB201 after firmware update

    Hi I updated to firmware " DAB201_A12a55_gps_zhongxing_v2385 " And now my camera starts with car logo like always but then turns black screen. First I updated to firmware 2287 but camera worked everything but only started recording 6 seconds and stoped. So then I installed the 2385 and now I...
  7. B

    Short dash cam cord

    Hello everyone, I recently installed my dual Blackvue DashCam. Unfortunately, the cord that connects the front camera to the back camera is short by about 30 centimetres. Does anyone know where I can buy a female to male cord so I can connect the existing cord to the rear dash camera. Any other...

    HOW TO: Stabilizing your video

    Hey everyone, this is my tutorial how to stabilize the recorded video. STEP BY STEP: Download and unzip ffmpeg from Extract the 7zip archive (I recommend extract it to root of any partition e.g. C:\ or D:\) Rename the folder to „ffmpeg“ Paste into...
  9. BobDiaz

    Do we really need 60P on a dash cam?

    Do we really need 60P on a dash cam? Please vote BEFORE reading this post, thanks. :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ civic, I hope you won't mind my taking your question into a poll, but it's something that I've been thinking about. I'm...
  10. germany

    What dark foil or material is good to film through?

    As I mentioned in the title I'm looking a dark or better a complete black foil where I can capture through. It's because I want to hide the lens behind this foil. Is there any possible way to do this without having a darker image on the camera?
  11. Alice0422

    Collection of Dash cam from Taobao

    The follow 2 are the hot selling in Taobao Monthly sale :24082 price: $58.85 Monthly sale :24082 price: $88.36 Is it cheaper enough? want to reach it from Taobao? then help you shopping from China
  12. palmexman

    Cheap dashcam up to 60€ - EU shipping

    Hey need your advice, looking for front dash cam at least quality like G1W from EU shipping. Can not purchase from China due to VAT in my country. Please any advice what to purchase nowadays?
  13. luckylz

    [Xiaomi Yi] Get exif information directly in camera

    I'd like to share my program (written in C) can get some exif information from Xiaomi Yi photo(jpg) / thumbnail(thm), directly run in camera. Limitations: 1.Only works for jpg & thm on Xiaomi Yi camera, others camera jpg format is not same; 2.As I only need the ISO & ShutterSpeed, there are...
  14. wakodaf

    action cameras and filters

    Hi can someone tell me what kind of polarization filter is good for the camera? There are two options linear and circular filters. I read something about circular filters and they are maybe better for camera then action cameras...Anyone who tried it ? Am looking for this or this...
  15. 1949dealcc

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