1. T

    CF-100 stopped working - help?

    Guys, e few weeks ago, I posted here because I had found out that my rear cam was not filming anymore: After some tests, I tried to reinstall the last update: copied the update file on the SD card and when I started the...
  2. T

    CF-100 - problem with rear cam

    Last time I checked my CF-100's videos, I found out the rear cam stopped working properly. Actually, the rear video is just totally black. The cam still anounces "2 channel recording" when started... Has anyone allready experimented it? Any tip on what I can try to do? Format the memory card...
  3. Kip

    Guide: How to extract GPS data from the CF-100 .AVI video files

    Using unbelievably old, unsupported and outdated software, I have found a way to extract the GPS data from the CF-100 video files. I don't think anybody has done this before (if they have, I haven't found anything yet). I can't guarantee this will work for you on your system, but, I will list...
  4. Rabidcat77

    TMP Files in EVENT directory? Safe to delete?

    Hi, new to the forum, I just bought a CF-100 camera for my wife's car and am in the process of setting it up. It looks like it already has the latest version of firmware on it (1.3). I did a format of the SD Card in the camera. I did a couple quick tests of turning it on and twiddling a few of...
  5. J

    3M Tape?

    The 3M Tape that came with my Blacksys CF100 worked so well that I would like to use it on my Garmin Mount as well. What type of 3M Tape came with the Blacksys CF100? Thank you!
  6. Kip

    New Dash Cam'er

    Hello from Cumbria, UK :) Been looking at various dash cams for a while (this place is awesome) and finally decided on a Blacksys CF-100 dual channel with GPS. So far I've fitted the main camera and GPS module to the front windscreen but looking at my cars trim more closely, I might have to rip...
  7. J

    Software Issues?

    I'm running into a few software problems. I am running [CF-100 PC Viewer-V0.5.2.EN-0326] on both Windows 7 (recommended OS) and 8, and the issues are identical on each OS. Since the device is brand new, I am assuming it came with the latest Firmware. First Issue: cfsetup.cfg was not found. The...
  8. ExDelayed

    CF-100 2ch first day thoughts

    EDIT: In the post below, I could have mislead people to thinking that the Blacksys produces images comparable to the much more expensive Panorama X2. As can be seen with the images below, it is determined that I "lost in the production variance lottery" with my Panorama X2. However, in my...
  9. polterzeitgeist

    CF-100 GPS/AV socket pinout?

    I bought a CF-100 for my wife's Jetta wagon, installed it and am now looking to use a small LCD for 'real time' display or playback in the car. Gibson99 mentions making a y-cable in...