1. Navitas

    Uber safe!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I am seeking your guidance. I am an Uber driver in Boston that wants to have a full comprehensive setup so that I never have to worry about anything not being recorded. I am looking ideally to get a system that has the following attributes: - reliable - record...
  2. EsQueue

    Insides of BlackVue B-124 (DIY 11,852 mAh @12.8v / 151.7 W/h + extension battery for under $50?)

    Hello, I just decided to take apart my brand new BlackVue B-124 and post some internal pictures as I couldn't find any. I found out a few things from doing this. On the picture of the circuit board the board name is NEO6 REV-G. I didn't separate the batteries from the upper part of the case as...
  3. k1ran

    Compact dashcam with WIFI and GPS is looking for.

    Sup Guys :) I am looking for a camera ('s) for DIY installation. I have a light assistant and wanna make hidden installation of dashcam inside of the custom case. It means that I am looking for WIFI cam from where I can easy remove lens like in Mobius (not soldered to the board, length is not a...
  4. nutsey

    MOD1 firmware for Git2.

    MOD1 firmware with custom bitrate values. Based on v1.6.1. Changes: Download MOD1 here. Download MOD2 here.
  5. V

    Rollback to Stock Firmware from Custom

    Hi all, I have Custom firmware 1.1.1aE installed which works much better than Stock as far as image quality is concerned. I recently had a Wifi problem that I wondered whether was to do with the Custom Firmware, so I decided to rollback to stock to try it. I created a new SDcard with my...
  6. V

    Wifi connection but unable to connect/ping

    Hi all, Currently using 1.1.1aE Custom Firmware, and looking to try some of the other versions. The upgrade process documented requires a telnet connection (I assume via Wifi) to enter some commands. That's where my troubles started, and several hours of investigation and trial ensued without...
  7. simonk

    Changing SSID and Password on custom firmware

    As title says I've installed custom firmware 1.1.1aE but how do I change the SSID and Password on this software, I can see SSID entrys in config files but changing it seems to make no difference. I can access the webpage, telnet/ssh and ftp but would like to be able to change the above. Could...
  8. ccdff

    xiaomi yi standart vs custom firmware (download links included)

    A new thread which finally compares all the custom firmwares and a place where you can download them. I love that so many people are passionate about the camera, and tweaking it. Due to the prozessor und the simple firmware build it is easy to squeeze out the last drop of power from your xiaomi...