dashcam viewer

  1. kehray

    Cannot export video from Dashcam Viewer to Photos (iOS)

    Hello, Is anyone having the problem of not being able to export downloaded videos in the Dashcam Viewer app to their Photos app on iOS? I always get an export failed message when doing so. I'm on iOS 13.3 with the app version of V 2.3.0. Does anyone have a work around for this? (Other then...
  2. G

    New 55 user, question about 3rd party viewers since Garmin doesn't have their own any more

    I got a 55 for my birthday last summer, and for the most part am pretty happy with it. I especially like the travelapse option and use it quite a bit, recently to compress a trip from Edmonton to Vancouver down to 10 minutes. Editing the plain video is easy enough, bring it into any editor...
  3. Maddog1974

    New iOS iPhone App Update released today (12th May)

    This should hopefully cure the App crashing issue when trying to download videos to your iPhone especially if your phone runs with the clock set in 12hr mode. Any feedback gratefully received!
  4. LateralNW

    A119 Dashcam Viewer not playing 2K Vid - answered

    Anyone else having problems getting Dashcam Viewer v2.5.7 to play A119 V2.0 files? Viofo advised me to use this program. Would be better if they made a program that could extract their gps info. It plays the Eyoyo B40S Plus without any trouble. It plays my older videos with A119 previous...
  5. elsid

    Map, Dash and Graph not working in Dashcam Viewer.

    I have the latest free version of Dashcam Viewer 2.2.2 and only the video window works. Map, Dash and Graph windows are blank. I have the DDPai m6+ dashcam which creates all the required files and is in the Dashcam Viewer list. Any help and advice appreciated.
  6. A

    "DashCam Viewer" is NOT reading or displaying GPS info

    I am using the "DashCam Viewer" software and only the video gets played. https://dashcamviewer.com/ BUT none of the GPS info is being read by the software. =================== Here is a YouTube video of the A119 ( w/GPS) being successfully used and demonstrated with the "DashCam Viewer"...
  7. A

    Dashcam Viewer, FPS Flickering, FPS Lockup issues

    Please report the following (3) issues to the manufacturer : ISSUE 1: The A119 Dashcam completely locks up and will no longer record at 1920x1080P 60fps, FYI - After this happens the A119 can only be UN-locked and functional again after (1) RE-formatting the card in Windows, and then (2)...