firmware change

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    Mystery beeps after updating to V2.0

    I upgraded my A119V3 to firmware version 2.0 and ever since then, I've been hearing mystery beeps. They're quick and sometimes hard to count, but it sounds like 5 beeps, or 7 beeps, or very fast 12 beeps. I've been unable to correlate them to any driving events like bumps in the road, or...
  2. C

    BlackVue posted new 1.007 firmware (which fixes the brightness issue)

    The firmware release is the same - 1.007 but it fixes the brightness issue. Did anyone try it yet?
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    Rollback to Stock Firmware from Custom

    Hi all, I have Custom firmware 1.1.1aE installed which works much better than Stock as far as image quality is concerned. I recently had a Wifi problem that I wondered whether was to do with the Custom Firmware, so I decided to rollback to stock to try it. I created a new SDcard with my...
  4. quaters

    G1W-CB Firmware -- estore009 -- 2015.1012.11 vs. 2015.1109.11

    I purchased a G1W-CB, branded blueskysea, from estore009 within the past month. It is the real deal and overall I'm happy with the performance. One issue I have is it shuts down if I delay at ACC and allow the camera to full boot before starting the engine. The install is in a 2nd Gen...
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    Wrong firmware installed

    Hello everybody! I got myself in a bit of trouble. I was looking for a solution to solving the Date and time error on my DR500GW-HD so I ended up looking for new firmware to upgrade my stock v1.008. To make things short, I downloaded and upgraded my camera to the v2.003 of DR500W-HD, NOT...