1. M

    Need help - Dashcam hardwire/Dashcam in general. Power magic pro query! Focus mk3

    Hi all, New to the forum and dash cams in general. Recently purchased two dash cams for my car, Ford Focus mk3 (2013). Currently have front and rear dash cams. Front camera is the Nextbase 512g, hardwired into passenger fuse box (fuse 85 - 7.5a fuse / hot on ignition). Rear dashcam, Nextbase...
  2. Y

    Ford Fiesta Hardwire

    First all the wires: Remove panels and put wire: Make hole for switch*: Ground wire:
  3. insmuh

    GPS problem in athermic windscreen of C-MAX

    Hello there i got my mini 0806 2 days ago from gearbest. i mounted it in the middle of the windscreen under rain sensors (position 1) but i couldnt get any GPS connection i removed it and try to turn on the cam outside the window so it got the signal and the led became continuous green. then i...