1. G

    One dashcam in the front and One in rear independent of each other

    Hello to all, I'm looking for 2 independent dashcams between them (so NOT a DUAL system) One I try to position on the front glass with the following features: - $ 125 budget - 1080p (30 or 60 fps) - CAPACITOR (NO BATTERY) - good visibility at night (no flames, not to be disturbed by the lights...
  2. J

    Where can I get the newest firmware

    I just purchased this(Mini 0807) recently and am experiencing issues with it missing recordings. It seems that every 5 minutes it will beep and reset the recording time. I am missing many videos. I am hoping that a firmware update will fix. However I cannot find where to download the newest...
  3. estore009

    Changed GPS module,car charger,OBD-II Power plug for mini0807

    Change 1:gps module combined with usb power cable,not same as previous built-in camera mount base Change 2:previous usb car charger split into two parts,one cigarette plug,and one usb power cable Change 3:OBD-II Power plug split into 2 parts also,one OBD-II Plug and one usb power cable
  4. Chris Hunt

    Mini 0807 Parking Mode.

    A look at the mini 0807 parking mode with a sample of the low frame rate footage at the end.
  5. Chris Hunt

    My Twin Cam Mazda 3

    Mini 0807 Vs 0806 Couldn't get them exactly aligned as the OBD power cable is a straight plug into the GPS unit only on the 0807, and also on this firmware you cannot rotate the screen/camera 180 degrees. So best fit meant one cam sits slightly higher than the other (didn't want to move the...
  6. Chris Hunt

    Mini 0807 Close up....

    Mini 0807 menu functions and buttons.
  7. Chris Hunt

    Mini 0807 Unboxing

    Quick look at the upcoming Mini 0807
  8. Chris Hunt

    Mini 0807 Images

    Some pics of the Mini 0807 alone and with it's family.