1. W

    Rexing V1LG heat problem and poor support

    I purchased the Rexing V1LG based on it has 170 view angle, high operating temperature range (-10c to 70C), good sample of video review on YouTube, GPS & dual camera. After installing it on my car, I found it has been working great and no issue as the weather has been on the cool side. Problem...
  2. djhash

    GPS unit getting too hot and shuts down system

    I have the 0906 with the latest firmware (Jan) The cam is powered through the cigarette lighter plug and everything seemed fine at first. But lately the camera has been falling off and I thought it was because I was parked under the sun and I didn’t properly prepare the surfaces. So last week...
  3. C

    Sj7 Star shutdowns in cold weather

    Hi, So iv'e bought a new SJ7, currently with v1.18 version. I checked it few times in home, it looked good, and then i went to a ski trip. After charging the camera few hours before the ski, as i started skiing [-3 Celsius] it took around 10 seconds to call for "Low battery" and to shutdown. I...
  4. T

    New user issues

    Hello everyone, Recently I bought the Mini 0906 dashcam and installed it with the hardware parking kit and the CPL filter-lens. The installation went fine but I am having some issues with camera while running. First of all it has quite a few memory errors and the only way to restore it is by...
  5. TeriTerryTarry

    Product Registration; UL Listing; Overheating AC Adapters

    Below is a section from the Dash Cam Talk web page for the SJ4000 camera https://dashcamtalk.com/sj4000/#Burned_Charging_Cable. You can see there was a serious problem with overheating. I also had an adapter that severely overheated to the point where it and the camera were too hot to touch...