park mode

  1. J

    Powering off in Parking Mode

    Hi, I recently purchased an A119 V3 and the official HW3 kit to hardwire the kit into my car's fusebox. For some reason, when the ignition is turned off and the vehicle parked, the camera loses power and dies after 3 or so minutes of recording in parking mode. The camera records normally when...
  2. M

    Parking mode event driven only by G-Sensor

    Hello, Since I always park my can on the street, a parking mode that would start to record only if the car has been hit would be very useful to me... Anyone else is interested? I asked this to Viofo, maybe they will implement it in one of the next versions of the firmware... Thanks, Michele
  3. Netz

    BlackVue 750S connect to PowerBank [Plug help]

    Hi Dashcam People! I have read in this forum that using a PowerBank could solve my issues when installing a BlackVue Dashcam DR750S-2CH in my Toyota C-HR (Hybrid 1.8) and want to use park mode? The car battery goes low quick (probably due to I don't drive very much and when I do it's normally...
  4. D

    Please recommed a Dash Cam with Parking mode

    I'm looking for a dash cam that has the following features. 1) Parking mode with Collision detection. 2) Parking mode with Time Lapse. This is compulsary. 3) Wifi so, I can access the recording from my phone. This is also compulsary. 4) Preferably have the ability to rotate camera. For police...
  5. D

    Parking mode usable for driving

    Hi, I am currently thinking about buying the B1W. However, In the country I am from (Germany) it is not allowed to shoot constant video as this would invade the privacy rights of other drivers and pedestrians. I was thinking it might be feasible to use the parking mode while driving to only...
  6. H.Johnson

    Alternative dashcams of Viofo A119S having Parking Mode

    Hi all, I have just started to used Viofo A119S and I have been really disappointed with the parking mode of it. So, now I am looking for another dashcam that should be has the following features: Has capacitor instead of battery, Has a real parking mode feature with pre-buffered record or...
  7. Ferginator

    DR650S-2CH IR super hot in under an hour

    Hello, I was testing out my new camera and I had it on for maybe an hour in park mode and it got super hot real fast within that time. Is it suppose to get that hot? I saw in a demo video "black box my car" where they said most prefer to leave the plastic wrapping on the camera but should I...
  8. elsid

    Park Mode not working

    I have a new M6Plus hard wired and park mode is enabled in the settings, but it just keeps recording normal video with no time lapse. Any help/advice appreciated.
  9. elsid

    Hard-wire kit, will it work the M6+ in park mode ?

    I have the Ddpai M6+ Dashcam and would like to know if this hard-wire kit will operate the M6+ in park mode. I know it offers a permanent power supply but when the car is parked and the ignition is switched off, will the M6+ sense this and auto switch to park mode, which takes one frame per...
  10. gantavya

    hardwire Thinkware F770 and Cellink B V2

    I am a newbie in this matter. I need help on how to hardwire Thinkware F770 and Cellink B V2. Previously, I had hardwired my dashcam and parking mode was working fine. But recording time was very limited because of my battery. So, I bought Cellink v2 battery. But the problem now is that I only...
  11. T

    Small, Always On Dash Cam

    Hello everyone, Great forum, but I am feeling overwhelmed. I am looking for a small, fairly inconspicuous dash cam. I would like to be able to have it running/recording all day in case someone backs into my car, vandalizes, etc. I would prefer something with fairly good video quality day and...
  12. 0

    Dash cam for a Model S

    I'm looking for a dash cam setup for a Tesla Model S: Want front + rear cameras. But NO dual channel. The extra wiring and poorer quality rules this out for me. Higher cost of two separate single channels is not a problem. Don't care about the convenience of having it all on one device. If I...