1. Henrique Dias Gonçalves

    Dashcam with backup cam input, help pls =)

    Hello guys, I am new here, but I've been reading the forum and would like to ask for your help. Here is what I am looking for in my first dash cam: - Under $150 (preferably less than $100) - Discreet (risk of being stolen) - Can stand high temperatures (I live in Rio de Janeiro, so expect...
  2. J

    Software Issues?

    I'm running into a few software problems. I am running [CF-100 PC Viewer-V0.5.2.EN-0326] on both Windows 7 (recommended OS) and 8, and the issues are identical on each OS. Since the device is brand new, I am assuming it came with the latest Firmware. First Issue: cfsetup.cfg was not found. The...
  3. J

    Parking Mode/Low Voltage Shutoff Installation?

    I just purchased a CF100 and am getting excited about installing this unit. (Big shout out to Gibson99 for his help.) I have a lack of understanding pertaining to Parking Mode. I think parking mode is either continuous recording or short clips of recording whenever the vehicle's ignition is...
  4. Bungus

    Convertible have it's advantage