1. R

    Custom Firmware that doesn't lock parking recordings

    I contacted Viofo and they supplied me with a custom firmware that doesn't lock parking recording files, so I'm leaving it here for others to find.
  2. J

    Dashcam with low power consumption in parking mode / timelapse?

    Hi, I am looking for a new dashcam with a particular focus on the parking mode. I intend to hardwire the cam. However, I frequently park the car for a week without driving. Accordingly, I am looking for a camera that won't uneccessarily drain my battery and enable long operation times. When...
  3. mentadent

    Parking Mode WiFi Options

    Is there an option like 'auto turn WiFi on for Parking Mode only' or anything like that?
  4. J

    Viofo A119 mini - disable screen only in parking mode - suggestion

    Hi, I own a Viofo A119mini video recorder, which I am very happy with. However, there is a shortcoming that bothers me a lot. Namely, it's about the screen blanking setting - you can set it not to blank at all, but then in parking mode the screen is also constantly lit. Is there a chance to add...
  5. P

    Problems with parking mode

    I connected my M300 with hardware kit and everything seemed fine. I was able to turn on parking mode and when i shut off car it says that it goes to parking mode in 5 minutes. First night was ok, i checked the recordings in the morning and everything was ok. Second morning, my car gave me...
  6. A

    iVolt and U1000

    Hi there I have a U1000 (2ch) and the iVolt battery. I've noticed that even in energy saving parking mode with the radar, the battery doesn't seem to power the dashcam for as long as I expected. The Thinkware Dashcam Store suggests up to 24 days of recording before powering down but when I've...
  7. reisizer

    Problem in Parking Serveillance Mode

    Hello, I problem my 70mai pro While parking, I returned to the car and got a "A new parking serveillance video detected" despite nothing from bumping or vibration. I checked the surveillance cameras and found nothing. Is this wrong or not?
  8. ilovepurple159

    Energy Consumption 2.0?

    "The dashcam has an energy-saving feature for use when in parking mode. Thinkware says that this energy-saving mode can last for up to 24 days whilst parked. " Source: 24 days running on your car battery or external battery or what? I'm assuming...
  9. L

    Dash cam for strictly parking only?

    Hello, I am a new member just looking for some help. Today I’ve encountered my second hit and run on my car. I finally decided enough is enough. I’m looking for a dash cam that’s strictly for when I am parked and away from my car. Unfortunately, my cigarette plugs don’t work unless my car is...
  10. T

    Two channel camera with parking mode for electric car?

    I just installed a Blackvue DR750S-2ch into my car. I like the all the features but I'm not liking the video quality (coming from an A119 in my old car). The main reason I went with the DR750 was because of its G-Sensor/movement activated parking mode. As my car is electric, it doesn't have...
  11. G

    One dashcam in the front and One in rear independent of each other

    Hello to all, I'm looking for 2 independent dashcams between them (so NOT a DUAL system) One I try to position on the front glass with the following features: - $ 125 budget - 1080p (30 or 60 fps) - CAPACITOR (NO BATTERY) - good visibility at night (no flames, not to be disturbed by the lights...
  12. s0ldier89

    Parking With a119

    Having bought the A119 I was extremely happy with the crisp quality. Having said that I really needed a camera with a half decent parking mode. I have it connected to a live constantly so it has been in parking mode and updated to V3.3. Having looked at the video footage of time lapse I...
  13. niko

    +94.6C Extreme temperature of Dashboard with only +27.5C outside

    I had my car parked facing sun and time to time measured temperature of dash camera and dashboard. Dash camera was not working while the car was parked, but still at some point temperature of dash camera measured from the side reached +70C and dashboard at crazy +94.6C !!! ( check video "Part 3"...
  14. blueeyes

    Using Parking Mode in an Electric Vehicle.

    Hi! New here...wondering if anyone here has been using their dashcam in an electric vehicle for parking mode and if so, how do you have it set up? Full EV's like the Leaf, Bolt and Teslas or plug-in's like the Volt (my car)... Thanks!
  15. J

    Dashcam Won't Turn Off During Parking Mode

    I have a 2010 Volvo XC60, Blackvue DR470-2ch dashcam, and a MotoPark Multi Safer S hardwiring kit. The problem: my dashcam won't "turn off", i.e. will continue to record video files, even when my car is off, locked, and there is no motion to trigger parking mode. Multi Safer setup: I have the...
  16. D

    Parking Mode Camera Needed For City Enviroment

    I live in Chicago and street park my new car. Already racked up 1 car door opening into my side panel in the two weeks since I purchased. Ironically, I've been researching dashcams for last 2 weeks and haven't been able to find what I am looking for. Please assist! Prefer the following: front...
  17. R

    Dash can with parking protection / motion decetion and 2ch front back with Wifi?

    Hello, I'm looking for Dash can with parking protection / motion decetion and 2ch front back with Wifi, is there any out there? Also if there any cam that works with iOS for example remote video watching while away from car? Kind Regards RGL
  18. U

    Camera-specific hard-wiring kits???

    I have seen more than one posting in DCT (can't find them just now) where they stated, or at least implied, that a certain hard-wiring kit would work with certain dash cam models and actually listed some dash cam models that the particular kit in question was compatible with. I have also seen...
  19. N

    Discreet and Uncentralized System?

    Intro: I'm new here, my car was hit and run and I am getting very interested in the Dash Cam solutions. So far I haven't found anything that would fit my needs. Do I have weird "needs" that no supplier targets? or is there a system out there that is perfect for me, but I haven't found it...