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  1. D

    [Q] Dashcam .TS viewer

    Hi, Can anyone help me with a Dashcam footage viewer for ".ts" files? I bought a Navigator with Android and dascam included from PNI, and I can view the videos with the location on a very bad mobile app, but i would like to see them using a PC software like Registrator , to be able to also see...
  2. D

    Confused About Registrator Viewer...

    I'm seeing different threads about everything from malicious code to error messages, registry fixes, different versions and someone passed away (which I'm sorry to hear). Does anyone know what is the most current safe version that works and where we can download it? And, does it work with the...
  3. G

    Weird Problem with GPX files when using Registrator Viewer

    I have a Viofo A119 V3 dashcam and am using RV (seems to be without the advert problems). I have 2 (equivalent) scripts that I use to extract GPS data based on work done by Sergei here. One is a Perl script that works perfectly, the other is a Java script which has the problem. Both...
  4. C

    Registrator Viewer & DR490L

    I just got the Blackvue DR490L and I'm disappointed that the files don't seem to be compatible with Registrator Viewer, which I've used with previous DashCams. Does anyone know of any other program or app I can use, or am I pretty much stuck with the crappy stock software?
  5. S

    Registrator Viewer crashes on opening a SG MOV file

    Hi all, Haven't had to look at a file from my SG9665GC for a few weeks, but today I ran Registrator Viewer (the only version I've ever installed) and as soon as I click on the selected file the application immediately crashes with the Windows popup "Datakam Player has stopped working"...
  6. P

    GPS on registrator viewer

    Hello everyone, newbie on Dashcamtalk here. I just installed the new V2.02 ( firmware which claims to fix the GPS logging access on Registrator Viewer. I updated the firmware and did a factory...
  7. flip9

    Google Maps fix for RegistratorViewer (Windows)

    *UPDATE* 10 April 2018 - Good News! Registrator Viewer lives for another day. Please only use the latest version of Registrator Viewer found here. Do NOT run the older versions as it will have nasty ads due to the expired RV website. Due to the changes to the Google maps API, it will pop up...
  8. W

    Registrator Viewer A119 GPS Issue

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an A119 and when I review the footage using Registrator Viewer, the GPS/Speed information doesn't show or map. The camera itself shows the coordinates and speed. Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible RV isn't compatible with the A119? I've tried...
  9. A

    Registrator Viewer - Speed

    I have an Aguri DX20 which records .MOV files with the GPS data embedded. They play fine in Registrator Viewer but speed is approximately double what it should be but shows OK in software supplied with the cam - but that crashes at the end of every file I've searched the web for an answer to...
  10. 1


    I use RegistratorViewer to cut my video's but can't figure out how to stich them together. Is it possible with this program? Bob
  11. scootle

    Script Error in RegistratorViewer?

    So this is odd... I have RV working fine on another computer running Windows 10, but on this Windows 7 machine I get the following script error that I can't seem to resolve. This is under RegistratorViewer, which was downloaded via StreetGuardian's website. "Script error in...
  12. J

    DR650GW-2CH and Registrator Viewer

    Hi all, I'm new here, but I've had a couple of Blackvue dashcams for some years, and I've found them pretty good to use, but the Blackvue software is only any good for setting up the unit, not for watching the recordings. I always used to use the Datakam Registrator Viewer, but it can't...
  13. A

    K1S Help Please

    Dear DashCam experts, I am planing to buy Koonlung K1S. My question is can I export the synchronized GPS, speed data into a .gpx or .csv format? If yes then does the registrator viewer export the time-stamp as well. I am buying it for an experimental research and would like to have...