1. D

    Any crash tested dashcams?

    New here to the forum. Child was recently in an accident and the VIOFO A129 Duo pro that was installed stopped recording 10 min before the accident and started recording in parking mode while the crew was cleaning up the scene. Contacted VIOFO, basic response was sorry but it happens...
  2. DrekiTech

    Zenfox U1 - 2 Channel 4K + 1080p Dashcam from Zenfox

    Please note: Zenfox sent a sample of this camera for review. They've also provided an Amazon coupon "DrekiTech" for 15% off, if you do go on to purchase it (valid until Dec 10). Amazon Link. YOUTUBE: Conclusion: The Zenfox U1 is a competent camera (without notable overheating issues)...
  3. TechTronic9000

    GoPro Hero 9 Review & Samples

    The new GoPro 9 marketed as "More Everything" is an interesting approach as it has solved some of the nagging issues of the GoPro 8 and comes with some true upgrades such as the front facing LCD a large 20mp image sensor making it much more better for taking photos, a considerably larger battery...
  4. B

    My Garmin Dash Cam Mini Review

    I've had my Mini since June, and despite some major overheating issue I really like it. I did a fairly long video review that contains a lot of sample footage and comparisons with and without a polarizing filter: -Brian
  5. TechTronic9000

    Mistubishi Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid MY2019 - Review

    This was a first for me so here it goes my Initial review of the new 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which comes with a series of important updates such as a bigger 2.4 liter Atkinson cycle gasoline engine that provides better efficiency and more power, upgraded and more powerful front and rear...
  6. D

    Most critical point to review, please join me

    I had a scenario: With Cobra CDR 835 got an accident, power shut off ( in other cases you camera can just fly away and got disconnected from usb). Result is: last most critical file got corrupted. Can not view it. Camera become useless. Sure FBI still can do this, but I can't. for my camera...
  7. BCHobbyist

    GEKO S200 1080P Dash Cam Review

    The Geko Gear website (tiny division of PAPAGO) released a new product for 2018 the S200 STARLIT Dash Camera. Features include 140 degree Lens with Sony Starvis Night Vision Sensor, 20 min Li-ion Battery, 2" LCD, Motion Detection, G-sensor, Parking Mode and more making this inexpensive Dashcam a...
  8. K

    Low light advice

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some input on which are the best compact (dash cameras or action cameras) for extremely low light applications. I'm a marine scientist and we deploy small cameras in underwater housing to survey fish populations. Our new project is working in ~500ft of water (aka...
  9. USDashCamera

    Blackvue DR900S-2CH 4K & Power Magic Ultra Battery Video Review

    Hey guys, got my review finally of the DR900S-2CH 4K from Blackvue review. This was sent to me for review by Blackvue, as was the Power Magic Ultra battery I show in the review. As usual the meat of my review will be in the video. This is a long review so I have a table of contents below the...
  10. BCHobbyist

    Mini Q9 DVR Dash Cam : Review + Install + Menu Settings videos

    The Mini Q9 arrived at my door for review and I must admit was surprised at what I discovered while using this new Q9. As with all first generation devices (version 1) there is room for improvement. However this unique 160 degree wide angle and 330 degree rotating Lens works as advertised, watch...
  11. A

    VAVA 2K Dashcam Review

    I was sent a VAVA 2K Dashcam by VAVA to test out and review. Link to website: Link to product: What is in the box: 1 x VAVA Dash Cam (Model: VA-VD005) 1 x VAVA Car Charger 1 x Car Mount 1 x Micro USB Cable 1 x Crowbar 5 x...
  12. A

    Good Looking Dash Cam but no reviews!!!

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting on here. I have the A118-C currently in my car which has served me well. My wife doesn't have a dash cam so I am going to give her mine and get myself a new one as i do a lot more driving then she does so i would like one with a rear view camera, wifi...
  13. CrodPS

    Dual HD recording dash cam: Ampulla Cruiser 1080p & 720p

    Hi Guys! Recently I made this review of the Ampulla Cruiser dual dash cam that records front video at 1080p and back video at 720p You can also decide to not record the back camera and bump the front resolution to 1296p
  14. Paul Iddon

    Blueskysea B1W Budget 1080p Wi-Fi Dashcam Review

    The camera arrived in a tidy but plain brown box - and contained the following: The dashcam, 1 adhesive 3M mount (with 2 spare sticky pads), a power cable for your cigarette lighter socket, a micro USB cable, a small cleaning cloth and the manual. There is no memory card supplied. The dashcam...
  15. CrodPS

    Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Ultra HD 2160P NT96660 GPS+WiFi Proper Review

    In depth review of the Rove R2-4K dash camera with built in GPS and WiFi to control it from your phone Novatek NT96660 Chipset with OV4689 light sensor for great night video. Full review plus sample clips.
  16. Mr_roadside616

    DrivePro 520 Not to bad of a Dashcam

    So i decided to post a thread about the Transcend DrivePro 520 seeings as their isn't a lot on here about it. I did read the thread that included a review of the camera but for the most part it didn't seem to answer some questions. One question i saw unanswered was about the G-sensor. Yes the...
  17. ACUMEN

    Acumen FHD 1080p Dual Dash Cam see in front of you and behind you!

    Acumen FHD 1080p Dual Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera Recorder with Sony Exmor Sensor, 4-Lane Wide-Angle View Lens. Rear Camera, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Parking Mode CRYSTAL-CLEAR DUAL CAMERA RECORDINGS: Advanced Sony Exmor sensor, wide-angle lense, and Night...
  18. CrodPS

    DL-9600 1080p NOVATEK 96658+Sony 322 Sensor Wireless Dash Cam

    If you are looking for a 1080p dash cam with great video quality, clear night video and that can be controlled via Wifi, have a look at my review of the DL-9600 dash cam. The camera was purchased from the TEQStone store in Amazon Thanks!
  19. hultaj

    Review - mini 0801s

    It is my first review, so don't kill me for being non professional ;) I have it for over 3 months now, and I think it is a good time to say something about my 0801s, bacause it is a quite nice dashcam. I like to test unpopular things. Everyone is talking about great a119, people in my country...
  20. C

    My WR1 Review in Various Lighting / Weather Conditions & Comparisons

    Information: WR1 Camera @ Default Settings (Cars clock needed resetting so not showing correct time) Dawn Image shot @ 5.30 am Dusk Images shot @ 21.30 pm Sunny Daytime Images @ 14.30 pm Night Images Shot between 23.30 pm - 00.30 am Mobius and Vico footage were previously recorded stock...