1. Bubbah

    Dome D201 Review (Gearbest)

    The D201 is the first car camera equipped with the Ambarella A12 chipset with a 5MP sensor (OV4689) allowing a video resolution up to 1440P (2560x1440@30fps). The unit is bigger than its predecessors (G90/G98S). Despite the size and the chrome vents (They're supposed to remind the grille of...
  2. Bubbah

    Review: Ausdom A261 (Gearbest)

    The Ausdom A261 is a complete dash cam product based on the famous A7LA50/OV4689 winning team and a built-in GPS. Highlights: Video Resolution : 2304x1296 30P 16:9 / 2560x1080 30P 21:9 1920x1080 45P 21:9 / 1920X1080 30P 16:9 HDR 1920X1080 30P 16:9 / 1280X720 60P 16:9; 1280X720 30P 16:9 Image...
  3. Gibson99

    [Review] iTrue X3 dashcam

    iTrue offered me one of their new X3 dashcams for review. I hadn't heard of them before, so I thought I'd give them a try. Here's the video review, but if you want more detail or prefer to read, read the full article on my website.
  4. cdmonline

    In-depth first impressions with new Mini 0806 - some initial worries

    Hi, I recently took possession of my new Mini 0806. Although I'm generally very happy with it, there are a few issues I'm trying to work through. I did buy a couple of [cheap] 128Gb microUSB memory cards from China on eBay ($5 each) and I've had both these installed. I suspect 1 of these is a...