sd card error

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    SD Card for the VIOFO

    Hey guys, I've looked into this a little bit and it seems like it has been an issue for a while.... but is there a reason that the VIOFO dashcams are so picky with any micro SD card that is not the Sandisk Extreme, Max Endurance, or the VIOFO brand SD cards? I bought the Samsung Endurance Pro...
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    Nextbase 522GW SD Card Error

    I've had an ongoing problem with my 522GW since purchase. In the first week I had an SD Card Error asking me to format the card. After this happened (3 times in 2 weeks) I took it back to the retailer, who replaced both the unit and the card. Within 2 weeks, I had the same problem, so clearly...
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    Doesn't record and SD Card problem

    Hi, I bought 322GW few days ago, was working fine for 3 days, after firmware update through my android smartphone the problems started. After it restarted after firmware update It said that I need to format my SD card (why?) so I took out my SD card from Dash cam and moved few video files to my...
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    SD card and camera problems

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have a recent hardwired camera front and back bought in a Nextbase 322GW bundle which also included the nextbase sd card. The camera has been replaced 3 x by Halfords - twice on the same day as the fitter noticed it was so hot it almost burnt his hand...
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    fed up with buying replacement SD cards

    I keep having a persistent problem where the card is generating a lot of protected files (I guess there's a lot of potholes in Lincolnshire).. however, every couple of weeks I use the Format Card facility on the 512GW to clear it down - as it's virtually impossible to clear protected files using...
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    Does warnings only show briefly when SD card has failed or is bad? Has this been fixed via new firmware to show warnings for an extended duration?

    I have not purchased this camera yet. Considering Mini 0906 vs. Fiofo A129. Question1: Does the Mini 0906 only give a short 2 second warning when an SD card has failed or there's some sort of error with the SD card or does it require me fix the SD card or replace it with a functional one...