1. C

    flickering in the night videos

    Hi Guys Wanted to know if you guys are noticing any flickering in your night videos ? My night time footage from the front camera is not clean and there's a lot of flickering in the video.
  2. R

    Can I install sticker mount to the rain sensor area?

    Hi guys, I want to install A118c dash cam with the sticker mount, and it looks the best right under the rain sensor area. However, i am not sure if the sticker mount wouldnt harm the area, when uninstalled. I already know, that it is fine to install it on dotted area, but this is a bit different...
  3. M

    Mobius 1 recording problems

    Mobius firmware v2.41 Problem 1: Recording breaks into 30mins parts . EVEN WHEN SET TO MAX. Type: Mov. Problem 2: Video gets degrade as time passes ... Microsd used for tests: Kingston class 4 microsdhc 8gb Strontium Nitro 433X U1 microsdhc 16gb Going to try other cards later.
  4. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A119S Dashcam Hot Pixel Repair

    The supposedly improved low-light Sony IMX291 sensor in the A119S Dashcam continues to receive complainants about Hot Pixel white dots on night time video clips. I was contacted about repair options but first had to verify these white dots were caused by the sensor and not dust trapped in the...
  5. vivid

    Please Help Me Choose A New Dash Cam

    Hi, I'm looking for a new dash cam with the following features: Parking mode G-Sensor 1440p resolution @ 30 or 60 fps Adhesive mount Ability to use a hardwiring kit for parking mode and continuous recording; I do not want to plug it into the cig. lighter Very good video quality during the day...
  6. A


    Hello everyone, I am about to buy my first action camera. I have read many articles and finally I just have only two competitors. SOOCOO C30 - Novatek 96660 and SONY IMX078 ELE EXPLORER - Allwinner V3 and OmniVision 4689 I am not really familiar which sensor and chipset are better so I...
  7. Najeem

    Audio stops recording

    I have blackvue 650 2ch and for some reason the audio randomly stops recording. I have to restart the camera for it to start recording audio again or activate it using the motion audio sensor. Here are the steps i have taken so far but the problem still exists. -Format SD Card -Put tape on...
  8. TeriTerryTarry

    Specifications, Native Capabilities and Image Quality

    I'm considering a camera with the following specs per the manufacturer: Image Sensor: 16.0MP full HD CMOS, manufacturer not specified Chipset: Ambarella A7LS75 Video resolution: Full HD 1080P at 60fps/30fps, 720P at 120fps/60fps/30fps, 848 x 480 at 240fps/120fps/60fps/30fps Image Resolution...