1. N

    Memory card problems (Transcend High Endurance 64GB)

    Hey all! I've had an iTracker A119S since 2017. When I bought it, I also bought a Transcend High Endurance MicroSD card, 64 GB size (A). In February 2019, I bought another seemingly identical card (B), and started alternating between the two; once every 5 days or so I'd swap cards and check the...
  2. Unicorn

    New Dash Cam Recommendations for Work Van?

    I am in the market for a couple of new cams for my work van. At the moment I have a Transcend Drivepro 200 mounted beside the rear-view mirror, and a Mobius mounted near the rear window looking backwards. I’ve had this setup for a couple of years now and it works fine, but is in need of being...
  3. Mr_roadside616

    DrivePro 520 Not to bad of a Dashcam

    So i decided to post a thread about the Transcend DrivePro 520 seeings as their isn't a lot on here about it. I did read the thread that included a review of the camera but for the most part it didn't seem to answer some questions. One question i saw unanswered was about the G-sensor. Yes the...
  4. C

    Quality Issue With DrivePro 200

    I bought my DrivePro 200 in March 2015 so have had it for 2 years, around last month, I noticed that in my clips, the middle looks like it's out of focus and can barely see the car in front numberplate unless right up close. However, the picture is crystal clear around the sides to the left and...
  5. Andrei Vladimirovich

    Side by Side: Night - Viofo A119S (IMX291), Transcend DP220, Panorama2

    First quick test of new V1.2 FW at night + Compared 1080p30/1080p60 with WDR On/Off
  6. B

    Dashcam with best microphone / audio qaulity?

    Hi, I'm looking for a dash cam that has good picture quality and needs to have good quality audio or the ability to add a external microphone, Budget £150 Currently have two Transcend DP200 but ever since updating from V1.22 to V1.26the audio of a lack of a better word has been s**t. Granted...

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  8. spotmom

    SG9665GC not looping

    I have searched the forum for a similar issue and have found none so I will make my own. I have been running a Transcend Premium 300x 32gb card in this cam. On Feb 2nd I saw a car that was a suspect in some burglaries so I hit the lock button and drove with that car for a while getting the...
  9. Halidon

    DrivePro 220 first use

    I bought a DrivePro 220 this week. In the QSG I read "We suggest you to charge DrivePro before using it". But how? There is no further instruction about charging. Or do I have to do it in my car, while driving without using it? It sounds ridiculous to me.... They also write about using USB to...
  10. T

    DOD LS460W vs Transcend DrivePro

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new dash cam, and with my relatively cheap, off-brand camera crapping out after a year of light use, I decided to increase my budget this time around. At my current price range, I narrowed my choices between DOD's LS460W and Transcend's DrivePro series, and I'm finding...