1. ImpliedConsent

    Blackvue Firmware v1.006_2021.05.10

    Blackvue has released firmware v1.006_2021.05.10 for DR-900x (1ch and 2ch). Additional firmware updates to other models are listed below ((DR750-2CH LTE, DR900X/S, DR750X/S, DR590X/W, DR590 Series)
  2. I

    MiVue 658 Speedcam update problem

    Hi, I'm running the latest firmware version you can download from the website(R01.59.1375.A5W), and had V77 Speedcam update. I wanted to update to the current one, which is V89, but even if I put the "Speedcam_Data_FEU.bin" in the root of the SD card the camera didn't ask for the update. The...
  3. karim174

    U1000 Firmware update - via PC or Wifi?

    Hi Guys hope you are all well! Does the u1000 get all its updates via wifi hotspot? Including firmware and speed camera updates?... or does it still need connecting to a desktop computer? Thanks
  4. David Markham

    I finally lost patience with my U1000

    Good evening / morning folks - wherever you are. Now those of you who have been following my more recent posts will, no doubt, be well aware of my ongoing frustration with the U1000 and the extreme sensitivity of its accelerometer, but events this most recent Friday surrounding its ongoing...
  5. P

    New firmware 20190828 and new manual v1.4

    I'm just installing my mini0906 and found a new firmware on their website, with no reference here: MINI0906 FIRMWARE UPDATE AUG.28.2019 8/28/2019 update log: fixed the microphone auto turn on problem (auto turn on after reboot). no other changes from Sep.04.2018 version. download link...
  6. BCHobbyist

    Why you must Reset Default Settings after an Update

    Why Reset Default Settings after an Update? Any device with BIOS / Firmware saves user settings on a chip, when the Firmware is updated the saved user settings are cleared forcing user to re-configure all settings. However if the Firmware Update adds or removes a feature (numeric parameter value...
  7. K

    Sj6 legend firmware update

    I just realized I'm running the version 1.44 on my SJ6 Legend and there's a new version out (v. 1.47). I tried to update via the app but I don't get any option to update the firmware. The app itself is up to date. Is this update only done by downloading the file and installing it manually?
  8. M

    Android application changelog

    Does anyone know what the current changelog says or is there some other ppace to see it?
  9. M

    Can't Update after updating to 1.2.3

    I have a problem with my SD card and I think it will be solved if I update the firmware, But unfortunately I cant update or downgrade to any version. when I put the firmware.bin file on my SD card, a window pops up and ask for updating. I select left button (since I have chinese version, I can't...
  10. dashtalk

    A118C New firmware A118.20160130

    Thanks @xosevp there seems to be a new firmware for A118C from viofo.com http://www.viofo.com/download/firmware/a118c/20160130/A118C_20160130.zip
  11. M

    Lukas 7900 ACE-Firmware Update-Urgent Help Needed

    Hi there, newbie here, could really do with your help. I just received a Lukas 7900 ACE Type B. Out of the box was running 31 firmware. I downloaded latest viewer and latest firmware. I formatted SD card in viewer. What do I do next. Do I copy the zipped file straight to the SD card or do I...
  12. M

    Firmware Flash question (A118C)

    Hey everyone, I want to flash my dash cam, do i copy the zip file to the root of the micro-sd only? or do i need to extract contents? The tut is not accurate and don't want to take the risk of bricking my new cam. Firmware download instructions sourced from this thread...
  13. danShumway

    K1S - Updating firmware

    Spytec lists the K1S firmware at https://spytec.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/5000257346, I'm currently running the previous version (R157). So two questions: Is installation as simple as just copying the .bin onto my SD card? Both Windows 8/10 and Linux don't recognize the device...