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  1. L

    Remove hdmi icons on Xiaomi YI

    Hi everyone, i really need your help. When I connect my Xiaomi Yi to HDMI monitor, there are some icons of battery, sd card...I haven't found anything on the internet. How can i remove these icons?
  2. lonkr

    Yi Discovery rtsp

    hello, i am working on behalf of support for Yi Discovery, through C&C. I have gone through so much trying to figure this out anyway possible, my focus is on the PC environment and multi-camera set up, if i can get past to "cannot connect to the address specified" then i'll figure out the rest...
  3. A

    Action Camera Xiaomi Yi Desktop App 2nd Version - Low Latency Live Stream

    Hello members of DashcamTalk, I want to introduce my Action Camera Xiaomi Yi Desktop App. You can download it from : https://www.mrhatsa.com/blog/2017/10/25/download-action-camera-yi-desktop-app-2017-free-new-version/ It is Free App. Stay tuned to this project. I will update the features...
  4. D

    Looking for a xiaomi yi camera which is not working

    Hi, My camera is working but the board behind the lens becomes too hot and so the image quality is really bad. The reason can be because of my DIY project on connecting DC to the board. I'm looking for axiaomi yi which is not working and so I can buy and replace the lens board. I'm in Canada...
  5. D

    hot lense sensor

    Hi, I have tried to connect an external power to xiaomi yi which was +5v. I also used extension cables to extend sensor boards. It worked but after a few times it broke. I bricked it back and now it is working. It looks like it was a firmware issue. However, now the sensor boar behind the lens...
  6. geeksified

    Raw to DNG is reddish

    Hi guys, Sorry but I've searched the forum all day and couldn't find a fix on reddish raw file converted to DNG. I've used the Yi Control Script on iOS and sent 100 IOS and Raw enabled settings to script. It did create 31MB *.RAW images and converted them to 9.*MB DNG files via raw2dng and...
  7. V

    [Help/Advice]Action Cameras - Xiaomi YI 4k

    Hello guys, I never used any action camera before and I'm not a professional vlogger/adventurer or something like that. I'm just an ordinary guy that rides a moto and likes to go surfing couple times a week that wants to record some of those activities plus having a nice camera for weekend...
  8. nutsey

    1.5.6 firmware update for all HW versions.

    1.5.6 firmware from 06-Jan-2017 is suitable for 221, 231, 23A, 23S, 22L, 23L, 25L, 26L hardware revisions of Yi camera. Download update files here.
  9. C

    XIaomi Yi Daytime Long Exposure?

    Hi All, I have found may great guides on here for my Yi camera but there is one extra thing I would like to be able to do with it. Daytime long exposure shots. I go on quite a few bushwalks and usually video them with my Yi which is cool and all but the people over in EarthPorn on reddit have...
  10. diosak

    Night Drive Timelapse

  11. QQQ


    Many of us use phones as a dash cams - take a look at a field of view on this video!
  12. estore009

    [Black Friday Deal Alert] Blueskysea dashcams

    Here's your coupon code=C2Y6FVM14N6SSQ4 Go to eBay and paste this code at checkout *Get a $10 off discount on orders $19.99 or more when you use this eBay promo code at checkout. *For Paypal users only. *For ebay.com site only. *For more details please check here...
  13. guerchi

    Problem making a timelapse of 12 hours from XYC Script

    Hi all, I have been weeks trying to achieve this goal. I need that these great little camera, take pictures every 5 minutes over a period of 12 hours and then automatically shut down. This process would be repeated for several days to record the evolution of building a machine. For this, I...
  14. J

    Please help me If I need to focus my lens :(

    hello sirs/madams, Badly need your help, i've bought a Yi last week, need your advise if I need to refocus it am wondering if my camera needed this. Please tell me if the lens need to adjust. Here are some pictures: https://postimg.org/image/6us9jejtr/ https://postimg.org/image/eosv4srmn/...
  15. Dashlapse

    Be creative with the Eken H9r

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some input. I've got an Eken h9r, G1W dashcam, an iPhone and a Xiaomi Yi. I make cloudlapse videos with them and I'm looking for creative ideas to keep them interesting. All input is welcome. Watch 1 of my videos here; Dave
  16. geeksified

    Yi battery usage with WIFI ON

    Hi guys, I just noticed how WIFI eats battery. After exactly 1 hour of standby mode with WIFI on, it lost 55% battery. FYI, WIFI wasn't even connected to my phone and I was not even using the camera. Is this normal?
  17. K

    Xiaomi YI 1.2.13 Think somthing wrong.

    I am attaching the camera to a drone (syma x8hg) And just do not see well at all ! It looks like I'm snapping quality of 144P !! the setting on the iPhone is on 2K / 30FPS also there is a big delay between the iPhone app to the cam. even they are close (somthing like 1M distance) There is a...
  18. nutsey

    HDR expo bracketing script.

    Captures 3 JPEGs with 0EV, -3EV and +3EV exposure bracketing. More adjustments are added for extra details in shadows and highlights. Merge these JPEGs into one HDR using appropriate software.
  19. S

    Is there really a reliable camera at a reasonable price?

    That is the question I ask myself for almost two weeks. Since reports began to flow about the many problems of camera YI, I found myself very disappointed. The camera that has been bred everywhere, including here in the DCT - is a real fall! Other cameras as well: G1W of its versions (I...
  20. kaanklky

    Xiaomi Yi Record Spike(?)

    Hello everyone, I'm using yi while I'm cruising with my motorcycle as daily. I didn't understand why that happened (spike?) to my yi because I didn't change anything on it. Yi can't record video smoothly, I update the firmware from this post but it didn't change anything. I'm also posting media...