1.5.6 firmware update for all HW versions.

already shared, both the version I use (23L), and another one for a user who had problem in creating it himself (for 23A)...please check my posts
I do not know what the "zero denoising" feature is....I just always followed the guide on the first post of this topic to modify the bitrate....and never used scripts
Noise reductiin is set to zero. But i think i set it via script. When you put your camera in the dark and record there is lot of noise reduction and picture is not so sharp so you set noise reduction to zero. Then you have noise but you need to have high bitrate or picture will e pixelated.

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Agree....I believe you did it with script. I did not do that 'cause I do not know how to (and have not seen any example how this does make a difference....and I never used it in dark light....where I believe I might see a difference), but I did the unsharp script (to remove the unnecessary excessive sharpness filter....which create only unnecessary artificial noise)....much better!

By the way: I just tried pumping up the bitrate at 60Mbit, but I believe my camera has an issue with that bitrate, as it seems to go in safe mode and record at a bitrate of 4Mbit when I set the bitrate (via modded firmware) to 60Mbit....so I will stay with 50Mbit, which is OK for a 2K/25p.