70mai Dashcam Pro Plus+ A500S Rear Cam 16:9 video edit


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Mar 26, 2021
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Hi guys, just got this dashcam this week, and this is my first experience with any dashcam, since isn't common here in Brazil!

After reading a lot here, and in 70mai forums, I realized that there's no way to record 16:9 videos, not even if I reduce recording resolution from 2592×1944 to 2560 x 1440.

This is my first long drive using the dashcam, after noticing that in 4:3 videos I get way to many sky and hood, I edited this video in a way to cut that and exported the video in 16:9 4k (to test how the 2,7k filming looks like)

I even had a near miss in my first drive using the camera lol, you can check that at 24:31. I used lo-fi background music for no reason at all.

After editing the video, I also noticed 2 cuts that I didn't made at all, it was something made by the dashcam, and I don't know the reason for that, you can see one 1 minute cut at 30:17, and an 2 minute cut at 1:08:33, if anyone has any idea why that happened would help me a lot! (I'm using an Original 128gb Samsung Pro Endurance, checked with Samsung Memory Card/UFD Authentication Utility).