A119S Optimized Image Quality Firmware


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Nov 16, 2012
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Is that only true when your car is not moving as in the above frame grabs while you were stopped at a red light?

The faster sensor of the A119S should do better than the others when you get motion blur from speed, even in sunshine if you are traveling fast...

Well, no, if I recall correctly. A119S is always better, the stills are from moving truck, although not fast of course. Say 20 Kph.

But JooVuu X is not far of and from X and Mobius I also get pretty good license plates from moving cars, even from upcoming traffic.

When driving 80kph, I can read license plates from upcoming traffic that moves at +- same speed, but only in high and bright sunlight. Driving in shadows from trees they all (still) fail unfortunately....
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