battery cut off/ cell link -- does it have to be hardwired, or can I connect to always-on 12-volt receptacle?


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Mar 27, 2018
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Just got a viovation battery cut off and cellink neo for my black vue 750s set up. I installed in a 2018 trackhawk.

The vicovation (and pretty sure just about any "cut-off" units) has three hardwire leads , constant power, switched power, and ground. the battery itself is sitting at the bottom of my center console, and there is a 12-volt receptacle very conveniently located in the console... It's an always on receptacle. Any issue with just wiring in a male 12-volt connector to the vicovation (i.e., connect switched + constant leads to power connector on the male connector)? fuse box in this truck is in the engine compartment, not in the footwell, don't really feel like running wires under carpet, through the firewall for something so simple (I'm willing to do it if my idea is and issue though).

edit-- forgot that battery in this truck is under the passenger seat. Id' still rather just use the 12-volt outlet, but if that's a bad idea I'll run directly to the battery.